Peace and Fulfillment

We all want peace; don’t we? This lies deep down at the root of all our actions. Peace is desired on a universal, global and personal level. The essence of stillness (ground zero) is peace. Peace is another aspect of human existence that we insist is part of life. This is also a topic that can be quite perplexing when discussed; so hold on to your hats.


It is unlikely that life or consciousness implores forms and objects to find or even “be” peaceful. There is however a universal rhythm that is generated though simply “being”. I understand that this is very debatable. There are definitely many viewpoints and perspectives, reflective of each persons understanding. Let us stay focused on peace. The oneness, universal frequency or universal consciousness depending on how you define it, has a harmony that derives from its isness. This would allow us to obtain peace by experiencing this isness frequency in its natural state of being.

Therefore this state of being could be used in reference to “enlightenment”. Enlightenment is neither magical nor mystical. It is more so a willingness to accept change…to experience change. Enlightenment and spirituality are validated through the willingness to seek, awaken and experience. True awareness of what we experience after awakening is a signpost to enlightenment. Therefore the practice of enlightenment is the portal to spirituality. It is among other things a dismissal of the separate “self”. Spiritual enlightenment requires dismissing traditional and conditional ideas, beliefs and behaviorism.

Peace and Unity

Peace would likely come when we have made a shift away from the above mentioned aspects of our existence. Fulfillment would seem to be the pinnacle of our existence; similar in this manner to peace. Human beings use this as the ultimate understanding of balance in the universe. We strive to obtain it in almost every facet of our existence. Hence we seek completion and unity. Why don’t we simply allow it to manifest constantly? The true knowledge of it is there for us to experience each moment.

We unfortunately are continually side-tracked by many human variables; beliefs, religion, and governments are but a few. These invoke separation. Consequently we are thereby restricted from allow the state of unity to manifest in our person and existence. Many of you are experiencing a “shift” in conscious awareness. This shift allows something that can not be accurately described in words or symbols to flourish. It is something that you experience and more so, it is something that you are.

Best wishes to all

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