Peaceful Feeling: It’s so Easy

Primarily we and perhaps all life-forms desire a peaceful balance between living and experiencing life at a given level. Nevertheless the mind reacts to what happens in any moment and can overwhelm a person with thoughts and feelings; all of which are conditioned reactions. Furthermore the mind insists that you search for peace and that you determine why you are no longer peaceful.


Do you feel the vicious cycle that this causes? My suggestion would be to firstly simply accept and allow what is unfolding in any experience. You can then change what has happened if this is needed but often you will consciously recognize that you do not need to do anything to feel peaceful. But we must first simply allow what is to be what it is. This means not allowing the mind to overshadow our experiences. You may ask how is it possible to stop the mind from dominating a state of presence. This is done by being actively aware of what the mind is doing, allow and move beyond it. (Don’t take the mind or thoughts too seriously.)

The vicious pattern that I mentioned above is what generally happens to most people everyday. The mind confuses us, manipulates us and even convinces us that it is on our side and will help us reach peace and enlightenment. This is truly a mind game because we do not need to want, search or find balance and be peaceful. We are it. This means that it is our responsibility to stop the often cruel repetitious mind game that dictates our conscious state of being.

This is possible when living consciously becomes more appealing then repeatedly experiencing confusion and conflicts caused by our unawareness to the minds true activities. Furthermore being peaceful, being consciousness and simply being is instantly possible without confusion and fear when a person chooses peacefulness or consciousness. It is always each individual’s choice.

Peaceful Feeling of Life

The formula for enlightenment can be illustrated in the following manner. Awareness + acceptance + allowing ÷ moving beyond mind = enlightenment. Practicing this during a moment of awareness is the first step and will become easier as a person shifts from mind to consciousness.

This will naturally seem very abstract to the mind and it will not willingly accept any attempt to free your self of thoughts and ego. However there will come a moment when the minds activities fade away into the background of conscious presence. This will happen very naturally. You will suddenly realize that a true state of enlightenment has always been possible. However it was first necessary to experience it and remember.

Everything will still be the same once you have awakened consciously and yet it will be different because you will know. What will you know? You will acknowledge that it is your state of awareness that is creating what you experience. What will you choose?

Best wishes


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