Perfect: You Are Superb

I have reflected on this article and realized that there are three words that accurately express the ideas and insight that I have written. You are absolute! Furthermore, there is no need for you to doubt anything you experience. Everything is perfect and no, I am not dreaming nor am I attempting to see the world through rose-tainted glasses.


However, it will not be possible to experience a splendid existence unless you are willing to consciously live. Moreover, this is an exercise in non-attachment that will allow your enlightened presence to expand. You are perfect. Every situation is faultless and any given person is blameless.

Does this sound absurd? The mind surely thinks that this is impossible. However, the minds conditioned assumptions and definitions disregard that you are already perfect. This is true; regardless of what the mind thinks, what you feel or what another person may suggest. It seems difficult to acknowledge this absolute state of divine perfection when something is happening at the level of object existence.

Perfect Without Attachments

Nevertheless, it cannot be any other way because the act of living verifies your flawlessness. Do you feel inadequate? Does the mind or other people say that you make mistakes? There will also be situations that appear to be everything other than perfect; such as sickness or what is called bad luck. These are part of the human experience and mean nothing at the level of absolute being.

A deeper awareness to presence is the portal that allows acceptance of, and non-attachment to, mind and body activities. Consequently, object imperfection results when you are attached to thoughts, feelings and judgments. This results solely from a conditioned mind and is an illusion. It is obvious that absolute presence can only be absolutely perfect through the manifestation of living.

Our true essence originates in the manifestation of life. I am who I am (ongoing). It is essential that our species awakens to the potential within this statement. We determine the content of our existence through active awareness.

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