Physical Pipeline to Consciousness

You are probably asking, what is a physical pipeline and how does it relate to consciousness? You are the pipeline. What is flowing through you? It is consciousness that manifesting in you, around you and all objects. Furthermore it is possible for you to channel this consciousness.

This energy is flowing through all objects and the process is similar to a physical pipeline. However, just like any pipeline, it can become partially or completely blocked depending on a person’s state of presence. Awareness expands the flow of consciousness whereas thoughts and emotions restrict it.

We know each other as human beings and innately we sense this physical pipeline. It has the potential to flood the universe with energy that is actively conscious of itself. However, as mentioned above, awareness is the key that allows it to intensify.

There are many people that still adhere to the mind’s influences during our daily experiences. This decreases object consciousness and our awareness to the manifestation of universal consciousness. Although it is beneficial to remember that space consciousness is always present. This insight can be a helpful in the process of shifting away from the conditioned mind.

Physical Pipeline Flowing Freely

When two people meet it is usually at the level of mind content but occasionally people will experience something that is beyond mind. This occurs when you have connected directly with this physical pipeline of consciousness. Moreover you feel the stream of energy flowing between you and another person or object. This is the state of awareness that allows consciousness to flourish and expand.

We have the capacity to always go beyond the physical objects in this universe. It is possible, in the same fashion, to communicate with all things; consciously. Naturally a human being wishes to experience and share interactions at the life-form level.
However an active conscious exchange is felt at a much deeper, purer level. Therefore you will experience yourself, the one self, in other people, animals, plants and objects. Silence is essential, otherwise it is not really possible to tune into the conscious energy that is flowing through the other physical pipeline; whatever that object may be.

You will feel more and understand much more about a person through conscious interaction then every possible through words or symbols. We can make it a daily practice to reach out consciously and share with someone. This, in turn, will allow a non-restrictive flow of this energy within you.

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