Pizzazz Offers Universal Enlightenment

Everyone, including me, refers to the now of life when we consider the door to universal enlightenment. Eckhart Tolle and many others have realized the potential within being aware of this state of presence. I have written the word “pizzazz” in the title as a synonym for energy. Life energy (Qi) is a constant within this everlasting moment. It interlaces all objects. The stream of life is flowing now. Presence is the key to living consciously.


Nevertheless, many people are often confused and skeptical because the now seems so restrictive. Furthermore, this moment is usually used for nothing more than a means to an end. This is because the mind demands that we will look forward or backward in clock time. The mind has no genuine interest in the now. However, the focus point of this article is about something very fundamental. Pizzazz is a descriptive word that infers a combination of gracefulness and vitality. This is Qi.

The Magic of Pizzazz

This precious endowment is, nonetheless, overlooked as we attempt to discover universal enlightenment. Energy ultimately sustains the everlasting now. Moreover, it would be consciously beneficial to understand that this moment would remain an unmanifested void without these frequencies. Life is energy and what manifests for you is a result of this dimension of energy, how it flows and uniquely, how you influence it. Therefore, you may wish to consider “Pizzazz” as a mantra. This can be done during daily activities to remain focused on the energy that is manifesting what you experience.

Yes, you are the deciding factor in how and what unfolds and more so, you are ultimately responsible for how you interact with now. Therefore, please practice realizing and accepting that you are co-creating everything that you experience. It is vital to nurture the creativity that was more evident during our childhood. The child in each person can change how we experience the universe. This is possible by reestablishing a simpler state of being into our interaction with everything.

I personally flourish in this realm of childhood innocence. Consequently, I use the word pizzazz almost magically when saying it to remind me of life energy and living consciously. This is done by focusing on the energy of now instead of the content of this moment. Then I say “pizzazz” and the flowing naturalness of living energy (Qi) pours over the details of any given experience.

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