Plant Awareness

I had an enlightening experience with the plant in my apartment this morning. It was blissful. It began as I started to shake its long vines to remove dried up leaves. Forthwith I cleaned and cultivated the earth around the plant. This is when I consciously sensed something magnificent.


The plant and I had consciously united through what I refer to as a conscious melting between two or more objects. This union is notably difficult to express in words. It is because the mind insists that there is a self (object) consciousness and a deeper universal consciousness. However it is very likely that what the mind defines as duality is actually misinterpreted and too quickly labeled falsely.

The plant and I expressed the unconditional love for life and a unified awareness of it during this moment. This did not happen because the plant and I had suddenly become conscious. Rather it had occurred through my acknowledgment and observation of this energy flow in that moment. It is always flowing and has the potential to become conscious active. However we must actively participate through awareness.

Plant Yourself in Consciousness

It was an amazing occurrence to join and consciously feel this energy pulsating between the plant and my body as one state of consciousness. It was truly a beyond the mind experience that united us through the portal of now that is always open. I had entered this dimension through simple awareness to presence. There was a sense of totality as I touched the earth, a leaf and a vine. There were no longer two separate objects but instead a flowing river of energy consisting of oneness.

This type of conscious union with any object is possible for anyone at any moment. Plant your object consciousness deep within the fertile dimension of universal life consciousness and conscious oneness will flourish. A journey should not consist of getting from point A to point B but in realizing each step along the way. Do not search for conscious enlightenment, rather realize you are it and thus are one with all things.

Best wishes


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