Potluck: Objects in Consciousness! Who am I?

Have you ever been invited to a potluck event or dinner? Some people are perhaps familiar with the term “Potluck Stew”. The word “potluck” originates from the 16th century in a written work from Thomas Nashe. It was used to describe “Food provided for an unexpected guest, the luck of pot.” Can you visualize the universe as a dimension of potluck? The principle of life and consciousness is similar to a stew pot with many various objects swimming in it.

Everything in the universe plays a part in how each object develops and how the universe itself will develop. Sometimes this is from a very rudimentary level of object consciousness but can also be from an advanced level of consciousness; such as in self-aware life-forms. However, whether a life-form has a higher level of self-consciousness or not does not actually determine its influence on universal consciousness.

Let’s expand on the above idea for a moment. You are the creator of your own potluck universe and this is true for each person. Not only are you the creator of your own version of this universe but you are influencing all other objects in this universal pot.

What does this mean? Consider the potluck stew and how it is prepared. You are not only the creator of this stew but you are an ingredient of the pot (universe). You are simultaneously creating the universe (potluck stew) and influencing how the stew’s ingredients (objects in space consciousness) will manifest and develop. Every object in this conscious stew can either harmonize with itself and other objects or not.

Potluck Stew Needs You!

The dilemma that human beings are facing is one of mistaken identity that has been invoked by our level of self-consciousness and nurtured by mind processes. We are mislead, through thoughts, emotions and lack of true awareness, to believe we must search for an individual identity; both as a person and as a collective species.

The mind wants us to interpret and define why we are a potato in a potluck stew of life. However, thereby we are not an isolated object (potato) in the stew. Therefore we are the universe itself and we decide what will be added to this dimension (individual and collective).

This is very similar to the ingredients in a potluck stew. The objects added to the stew constitute a union with all other objects and at the same time are the stew itself. The result of this is that either they will harmonize with each other or not. This, in turn manifest’s into the flowing broth of life (consciousness energy) and on an on it goes.

Best wishes

P.S. The Psychology Today links below offer interesting insights into consciousness, the universe and how it all functions. The ideas expressed are a mixed of science and spiritual philosophy.

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