Power of a God

The Power of a God, any God is always depicted as all mighty. This power has been said to move mountains, cure diseases, and even stop time. Wow, this really sounds wonderful. There is also a song with a similar title; “Power of Love”. The song lyrics similarly suggest that love has the power to do anything and everything; love is Godlike. There are other examples of how Power is depicted. However the two examples above such be sufficient for this article.

What is the common denominator found in these two examples? The common denominator is you. More specifically, we could say that the essence of this power is you and mind / consciousness energy. Again and again we hear that any given God can do everything conceivable. This is similarly said about love.

The question to be asked is if this is true then why do we not exist in a paradise of peace and tranquility? We raise our hands to the sky in a moment of desperation. We plead and pray, all the while asking why is this happening. Human beings are most likely to blame the other person and or any number of factors in issues of love. We ask; why is there no love to be found in the world? Another common statement is; I loved this person unconditionally. I then stopped loving this person when I discovered that I received no love in return.

The manifestation of events in our existence seems to function in parallel with the energy output of each mind activity; conscious or unconscious. The human species always wants a symbol of almighty power; whether a God or love.

The Power of Love

A God/love symbol (any symbol) can only be as powerful, reliable, judgmental or forgiving as the mind energy that created this given symbol. The power of any given symbol is dependent on how you view this symbol. The power of a God, for example, lies in how you use the life energy consciousness that manifests through you. When this energy is consciously used for love, we experience love. Use this energy for forgiveness then; in our above example, a God illusion will be forgiving. On and on it goes.

It is the human minds use of life consciousness energy that determines what will be or what will not be. In the end it all comes down to how an object uses the energy manifesting through it. Every person and every form has this power; to one degree or another. Accepting this energy frequency for what it is without labels would allow change to occur. It would be possible to remold the structure of the universe. Sound impossible? Is it worth trying? All the symbols and labels have not worked. The power is within you. You are engulfed in it.

Best wishes to everybody


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