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This website is a sharing oasis for topics concerning human existence, life and the universe.

It is geared to providing a portal for all people who feel there is more to the human existence other than what we have been conditioned to belief.
The blog category section “Life Sanctuary” is dedicated to sharing ideas about the development of humankind. We have spent millenniums separating ourselves from the essence of life. Our species mental evolution as giving us an opportunity to experience something that no other known living species has experienced.
We are aware of our own consciousness. We have unfortunately misused this gift. We have done our best to interpret this consciousness awareness since it awakened it our species.

We have defined it. We continue to reinterpret it. We manipulate it to achieve all manners of human species wishes, wants and demands.
We have assumed much and unfortunately evolved very little as a species form.
What is life?
I am not referring to life as humankind has defined it. I wish to suggest that there is much more to life then we choose to remember.

I prefer to substitute esoteric or spirituality with the word “life”. The word “life” seems so overwhelming when interpreted by human beings. “Life” is; in essence, the exact opposite. Life exists without a reason or definition. It also flourishes without interpretation and judging.

A non-judgmental existence or “state of being” is possible, even for human beings. We might ask ourselves if it would be actually possible to once again experience life on this one to one basis with the source. The answer is “yes”.
This experience does not include viewing life through the ever expanding filter of our human species concepts, interpretations, and definitions.

I do not wish to urge any person to see life as I do or even to see it as your neighbor may see it. I wish to share with you and you with me. Humankind has developed into a very “human life conscious” species. We have however forgotten “life” in this process.
Our increased level of consciousness should promote a stronger revelation between our species form, all other forms and the oneness of life. Unfortunately the opposite as happened. We have been continuously expanding and separating ourselves from life. We have dissected the oneness of life and placed nothing but demands on the simplicity to be found in the state of “being”.

There is so much to be rediscovered in areas of love, life, the universe and true oneness. We inherently know this in the depths of our conscious awakening. We feel inertly that there is something involving life that we have somehow forgotten. Unfortunately the demands and illusionary structures of humankind restrict any true reawakening in us. We are constricted by the very instruments of our personal and social developments. There is truly so much “life” to be rediscovered. This is perhaps only possible when human beings are able to “let go” and free fall in life.

I hope that this website and this blog section will promote a community enhanced through sharing ideas, wishes and feelings.
Simply put; it would be wonderful to experience life with awareness to its true significance. Life Sanctuary is about life awareness. It is about Sharing and experiencing.
Here you can relax. Take a deep breath and be aware of what is happening now.

Little Waterfall


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