Presence Is a Good Sign Post

The desire to constantly be in the moment (presence) can backfire. Human beings unknowingly become preoccupied with the distractions of the mind. We allow the mind and thought patterns of the mind to basically exploit our human form consciousness. The gateway to reuniting our species level of consciousness with universal consciousness is thus lost.


This is where we have determined “presence” to be so vitally important. Furthermore, the reason for practicing presence in any situation is obvious. Eckhart Tolle and other sages have said “Be aware of awareness“. Beingness is the natural state or flow of any and every form in the universe. Form consciousness at a given evolutionary level initiates awareness of self, immediate surroundings and the universe.

Brain (mind) evolution often has a detrimental influence on our human consciousness (detrimental contains the word “mental”). I feel that there is no correlation between the two words. It does however indeed appear as if the mind and thought patterns do more harm than good in reference to awareness, presence or consciousness. This is why the statement “Being aware of awareness” is a useful practical exercise.

Practicing Presence Is to Be Present

I have reflected on our self consciousness (being aware of awareness) considerably. The development of our state of object consciousness and parallel with our brain development is truly a blessing and a curse. I have discussed this in my book and in many Facebook and website articles. The fact that we know what we are thinking or feeling complicates the natural flow of universal consciousness. We often miss the simplicity or actuality of a moment because of our infatuation with thoughts, feelings and the ego. We are willing to take a consolation prize when the first prize is there for us to accept. This has been going on for a very long time in our species conditioned development.

We have mostly unknowingly been manipulated into accepting the mind projections and thought / feeling patterns as being what we are. The mind has conditioned us to accept what it offers. Therefore we accept and continually search frantically for the illusions that the mind so eagerly superimposes on the conscious reality of life.

Now let’s go back to “presence“. Practicing presence frequently will provide a transition away from mind (thought, feelings and ego) to simple awareness of the moment (being). The mind (creative intelligence, emotions and ego) are too overwhelming for our form consciousness when we remain unaware.

The shift to presence is best accomplished through practice and acceptance.

A key to being aware of awareness is not to be consumed by the thoughts or emotions that the mind will still try to invoke on you in any given moment. The mind will say “You can only be in presence when you “think” about it, contemplate on it and expect it.) This is of course false. There is no thinking, searching or expecting presence. How could such a thing even be possible? The mind will trick and confuse us into believing that we are in “presence”; when actually we only “think” that we are present. The practice of being aware is significant for reuniting with life consciousness; but not by adhering to thought and emotional patterns.

Best wishes to everyone

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