Presence: This is it!

What smacks you in the face each moment of our existence? There is something unavoidable and yet we often do anything and everything possible to escape it. It is presence. It is everywhere and constant and more often than not, we do not want to be a part of it. There is additionally something even more amazing then realizing presence. This would be to accept that you are the very thing that you usually want to avoid.


There are many situations whereby it is pleasing to experience. This could be a joyful moment, whether of mind or consciousness. But this is a mind game. The moment is now, although even to label presence as now is already going too far. This is also true of any experience within now. To consider the present moment to be good or bad, joyful or sad is to overlook its essence; which is simply presence. It is the totality; nothing more and nothing less.

Presence is considered to be: “The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.” We exist, not only as an object that manifests life energy but as life itself. Therefore we are presence. Then why do we usually want to avoid the unavoidable and thus attempt to renounce the universality of life consciousness?

The foundation of our existence, everything within and without, is based on now. This must also be accurate in regards to life; it is always in this moment. Meditation, spiritual channeling and what I refer to as conscious melting are gateways to this instance. Although the door we have constructed to this dimension of conscious energy is an illusion. The portals to it are basically not needed. This state of existence can be readily experienced through acknowledgement and acceptance of presence. Be aware and know.

Presence vs. Impermanence

The superficialities and impermanence of our existence will become less and less demanding as you focus on the moment from the field of presence.  I meditated outside yesterday. I encounter distractions of the mind as I began the relaxation process before releasing myself to simply being there in the moment.

The mind was focused on sounds and internal thoughts about these sounds during my relaxation. I heard a bird chattering, a dog barking, a lawnmower being used to cut grass and planes flying over every five minutes. Suddenly I was the center point of everything. Everything happened and each was accepted for what it was; nothing more and nothing less. I then sensed that the very things that the mind offered me as distractions were also part of presence. This allowed me to focus on presence during the release of what I had considered to be restrictions to the present moment.  The birds, dog, lawnmower and planes where still there but now were a part of me consciously not mentally. The wall of separation dissolved. I became presence.

Best wishes

PS: Here is a link from “Psychology Today that considers being present in the moment:



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