Butterfly, Butterfly…See the Pretty Butterfly

Butterfly, oh butterfly see how you fly. I spent the other day picking plums from a tree. I stood on a ladder high in the tree. There among the branches were butterflies and bees. Both were attracted to the sweet juice of the plums. There was one butterfly that landed on a plum only a short distance from my face. I observed the butterfly intensely.

It would flutter its wings very gently on occasion. I watched as it basked in the sunlight; then I continued picking plums. I sensed serenity there within the branches of the tree. It felt as if the tree, the bees and the butterflies were inside of me instead of surrounding me. I looked over to where the butterfly had been a few minutes ago. It was no longer there on the plum. I still sensed this one butterfly more so then all other things in my surrounding.

I glanced from branch to branch; looking for more plums. Something instinctively caused me to look down. The butterfly that had been basking in the sunlight on the plum was now on my trousers. It was clear to see that this was the same butterfly due to the markings on its wings. It remained on my leg, even when I moved slightly to adjust my weight on the ladder. I could not take divert my eyes away from the butterfly. It moved its wings from time to time; as if it was cooling itself due to the hot sun.

I became mesmerized by the intense energy exchange that I could feel between me and the butterfly. Everything slowed down; then seems to actually stand still. I could sense a unique sensation; it felt almost like a static charge. Then it became very clear. I was in absolute presence. That blink of an eye had become everything. It stayed there on my trousers; its wings moving gently up and down. There was the sense of melting together; the butterfly, me and everything around us. There was a stimulation that felt like the butterfly was in my head; under my skin…it was I. Then I heard (felt) it say “Thank you for appreciating my beauty; I am you”.

I became increasingly aware that I was observing what I really am through this vibrating energy. Now I know that this manifested energy was life consciousness. This may sound somewhat odd or even crazy but I assure everyone that I am sane. There in that tree, on that day and in that moment I experienced totality. Our practice is to shift into this mental / conscious state of being as often as possible. This can be done until we have relearned what we have forgotten. It will eventually happen naturally. We will experience less and less resistance as we realize that we are the totality of each moment.


Best wishes to everybodybutterfly

Butterflies in the garden… video by Larry Bennet

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