Prison of the Mind

There is a place that is always just within reach. This place is a dimension of unbounded possibilities. The mind knows of this place and probably doesn’t care if there is such a space. This place is beyond the mind. The problems arise when the one that sees the mind (thoughts, emotions, and the ego) isn’t aware of what the mind is doing. This creates a prison of the mind but is not actually created by the mind.


This prison is of our own design. It is built and rebuilt on a foundation of conditioning and fear. We become entrapped in its walls. These are walls that only exist in our mind and yet are not really a part of the mind. Or are they? The mind processes information; it “thinks”. The next consideration is whether we “think” that we are the brain or are we “that” which sees what the brain is thinking? The brain itself is probably indifferent to what we do with the information it processes. The mind does not intend to trap us. The prison is not truly comprised of thoughts or emotions and yet it seems so real.

Prison Walls come tumbling Down

The prison is built upon what we do with the thoughts and emotions that it seems to offer us. That really makes it simply, doesn’t it?

We are the architects of our existence.

We usually don’t know the prison is being built until it is already completed. This results from unawareness of awareness. What would happen if we looked upon our thoughts and emotions with active awareness? Then we could stop building the mind prison before it left the foundation. Conscious interaction with the moment would allow us to realize that we don’t have any wish to build such a prison structure. We would be free.

Prison of the Mind

There is a place that is not far away.
It is place that never offers a true face.
It may first seem a paradise of delight.
A place filled with sugar and spice.
But be weary, for all is not as it seems.

This place can be a prison for those who partake.
The glamour and thrill soon subside.
There are walls there that are unreal but yet so real.
The beauty is soon gone when these walls close in.

The wonderland then shows it true form.
It is prison cast upon us by the mind.
The surrounding walls are frightening.
They seem so ominous, truly inescapable.

The mind does not care.
It does what it must; it thinks and it thinks.
The mind can be a prison but wait…
You are the jail keeper.

You are the one who watches and knows.
The walls, that are not really walls, then fall away.
The way becomes clear as the door opens wide.

The mind will do this again and again, that is what it does.
But you now know the truth; this prison can not hold you
Now you will see and you will know.

The truth is in you.
It is now; experience it and you become it.
It can only ever be now.
You are free.


Best wishes


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