Process by which Life Means Human

Process usually indicates a series of changes taking place in a given manner. But what does the process of life mean when viewed from the perceptive of human existence? Karen White from Facebook shared an experience with me. This happened while she was riding home on a bus. She was reflecting over human existence and life.

She was suddenly overcome with the sensation of true release; oblivious to her surrounding. She was aware of one thought flashing again and again before her. These were the words “I am the process by which life means human”. It was not possible for her to describe exactly what this meant. Additionally, it seemed that she could not put the experience into words. Any attempt to do this could not be justified with mere words. I also had the impression that this experience was a turning point for Karen; spiritually speaking.

There is something of true significance to be found in her insight. There is also an allowing which occurred at the moment of confrontation with this understanding of life. I cannot truly say what she experienced. However, I do have a deep-seated intuition. I also sense that the acknowledgment of these words resonate through my being, vibrating the field of totality. Life energy experiences itself through all forms, large or microscopic. This would be to say that there is energy in all forms. This is universal. This has been generally accepted by many people, even in areas of science and religion.

Flowing Process of Life

Karen has shared fantastic insight with us. Her words suggest that it is possible to be aware of the manifestation of life flowing through us. It is this energy that holds us together, literally. It was refreshing to read what she had written. This is true release of human defined existence and an acceptance of “being” so much more then just this human form. This process is happening every second. Life is experiencing itself and expanding; perhaps it would be more appropriate to say fine-tuning itself. What is being “fine-tuned”?

This would be the frequency by which energy flows and manifests. Karen’s acknowledgment allowed this energy finally to flow uninhibited by the manipulations and restraints of the human species demand to dominate this energy flow. A partnership is possible with life energy (universal consciousness) but a restriction, manipulation or domination of this energy by a self-conscious species is doomed to failure.

The flowing process of life energy is; to the best of our understanding, constant. We have the opportunity to awakening and decide. There can be acceptance and thus a broad confirmation of fulfillment or we can stay in a loop of non-acceptance, friction and dissatisfaction. Furthermore this decision not only affects us on a local, individual level. It impacts the reaches of the universe; of totality. Therefore choosing wisely will not only benefit ourselves. It will resonate through every person, every plant and every form. Everything is manifesting the process of life energy flow. We are actually calibrating the frequency fine-tuning process through our thoughts and conscious interaction.

I wish to thank Karen for sharing this truly inspiring experience with me. I also wish to express my gratitude to her for allowing me to write an article about this insightful awakening.

Best wishes to all

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