Projections of the Mind

The mind could be considered a projector from which a filmstrip of our existence is produced. We have become conditioned and believe that these brain projections are a result of the minds interaction with events in our existence.


However could it be that this mind projector is not actually responsible for the experiences that we encounter? A projector, after all, is used to display audio and video picture frames that have been place into it. We can accept this as a workable definition for mind behavior. It stores sensory perception input and this information is processed.

This being said, the mind is still just the storage device and projector of information. What we then experience is often based on conditioned patterns that offer us, at the best, a rerun of something that happened to us yesterday, last week or even years ago. The mind could be compared to a TV Guide magazine in regards to thoughts about the near or distant future. It insists that it has all the information about the future repeatedly tells you how everything should or will happen in each broadcasted show.

These things are perhaps obvious and we do not need to consider them in detail. There is, however something for us to reflect on that can be useful for enlightened conscious living. This would be the manner by which we supply the mind with input. (Are we truly conscious of the universe around us?) Additionally, how do we interact with the information that is superimposed unto this so-called reality? Do we react or do we respond to the thoughts that are generated? There is a difference.

Thought Projections: You are the Director

The thought projections are often transmitted unto our daily activities through a mind projector that has not been focused. This unfocused movie of experiences is caused by a state of unconscious living.

The mind is the projector but you are the director, therefore simply thinking something does not necessarily make it so. It is unlikely that you truly have experienced or received what the mind has presented you in the form of thought pattern projections. Everything will change when more awareness is applied to conscious interaction with the mind, relating both to input and output.

There is something that transpires before and during the manifestation of life-form energy. A person’s conscious decision to be a life director instead of an unconscious bystander allows you to observe the projections of the mind. This will result in you seeing yourself and the universe from a standpoint of the divine oneness of life.

Best wishes

The included link Article is from Psychology Today and offers insight into reacting and responding.



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