Promotion: Free Book Giveaway!

My first two books will be offered as a book promotion giveaway from Saturday January 27, 2018 until Monday January 29, 2018.

The books will be offered free as a Kindle download on the dates mentioned above. There will also be a second book promotion giveaway next month. I wish to offer the books as an introduction to my third book which will be published very soon.

The three books are structured as a series but each can also be read
independently from the other two books.

I am hopeful that you will enjoy the third book. I will announce the publication date as soon as it is made available. It contains topics that focus on aspects of love and consciously living. The book also contains topics on our existence as a whole, consciousness and life. These chapters are meant as a continuation of the first and second book. However the main focus point of the book is love and what we have done with it over the course of evolution.

There are many poems that I have written throughout each chapter that correlate with the topics that are shared. This poetry was inspired through the personal experiences that I have with people, love and life.

The book promotion free giveaway will give you an opportunity to become more familiar with what I write and share about our existence, living consciously and me as a person. The reading material may also give you a chance to recognize one or more sign posts that will help you on your path to awakening consciously.

Thank you and best wishes,


One Moment in Life explores ideas and insights about self-awareness, living consciously and our existence as a whole.

Simplicity of Life gives the reader and opportunity to become consciously aware on the path to self-discovery and personal growth.

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