Proof: Why do we need proof?

We, as human beings, are often very whimsical. This is evident in regards to our mental behavior patterns. The mind insists on searching for proof concerning everything. Curiosity, as a human characteristic, has perhaps escalated our species to a higher level of evolution, but is there a down side to our psychological development?

Thought patterns often resulting from creative intelligence cause us to question everything. The mind demands answers to countless interpretations and questions. This is also true in philosophy and even spirituality. The mind wants us to find proof; proof of our existence, proof of a God, proof of salvation, proof of a soul…on and on it goes. The questions are always the same: Why am I here? Who created me? What is my purpose? What will happen when I die?

It is human nature to consider such topics but in the end there is perhaps nothing truly significant to be asked, other than “Am I consciously aware at this moment?” Naturally there are daily situations and activities that require us to ask “why?” and pursue proof for these questions.

Two particular words that we often use take on a new twist when applied to this discussion. The word “manifest” is used in spiritual context to describe how thoughts and more so, conscious energy can transform from a state of nothingness (unmanifested). This object induced energy flow can literally influence the field of life and universal consciousness.

Therefore we can say that proof of our existence, as an example, is validated by our conscious state of living and the release of vibrational energy from our life-form. This would, furthermore, suggest that dwelling in a field of random unconscious energy fluctuation can invoke and nurture chaotic patterns in this unmanifested dimension of conscious life energy.

You are the proof that you seek; you are life!

Do these last few sentences confuse you? I know that I am confused and yet, perhaps like you, I feel the essence beyond these words. This essence could be called the universal intelligence that is the basis for all objects, consciousness and life as well as the realm of the unmanifested. It would be difficult to distinguish between the void of unmanifested energy and manifested objects. The mind, however, insists that the manifested is permanent and governed by laws of nature.

Does this mean that the mind is providing verifiable proof to the questions that it asks each day? Or could it be that we have actually been playing a complex game that the mind has convinced us is real?


Best wishes

P.S. The included link is an article considering the spiritual aspects of a life-forms soul.



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