Psychological Pain: Enslaved by the Mind

Psychological pain is a self-created illusion but it overshadows each moment and seems very real. Eckhart Tolle refers to this as pain-bodies. Most people do not realize what they are experiencing in any given situation. A given depth of awareness is beneficial before a person can acknowledge this pain in its true form. A typical mind reaction, for this reason, is to blame everything around us for our supposed difficulties. This is not because people are ill-tempered or that something is trying to cause us problems. It is primarily because we are not aware of our level of presence. This would be accurately express as our lack of awareness.


It is because most people are simply not aware enough to look inward instead of outward. This psychological conditioned behavior is prevalent in most areas of our existence; religion is a good example. Everyone needs a God to save them, judge them or even punish them. It is a repetitive cycle that has occurred in some form throughout our history. However, humankind is becoming more aware and gradually, but surely, releasing itself from these manipulative believes and thought patterns. Perhaps our search for a God in the universe will become nothing but a memory as we continue our journey home.

The Hardships of Psychological Pain

However, more relevant to our discussion is how the evolution of humankind has been possible due to our adaptation to change. This is what human beings always do, we adapt or try, if possible, to change things. This is wonderful for a species evolution but this development actually causes us to sacrifice true fulfillment, freedom and ultimate happiness. Therefore this causes a psychological enigma that manifests as dissatisfaction, anxiety and fear in our daily activities. This does not mean that our adaptation abilities are good or bad. It simply suggests that a deeper level of conscious awareness would free us from the self-imposed restrictions caused by thoughts and beliefs.

We base almost all decisions on what the mind interprets, assumes and defines. However we fail to realize that this behavior is causing us to suffer more and more. This is a psychological characteristic that is perhaps not so much caused by the mind as caused by our lack of awareness to the minds activities. This is an aspect of our behavior that can change through the practice of active awareness to our relationship with the mind. It is a course of action that requires us to observe ourselves from a different perspective that is not overshadowed by the content clutter of our existence.

“Acknowledgement, acceptance and allowing are ultimately beneficial to any change.”

This will allow a shift from psychological mental/emotional mind clutter to pure conscious awareness. Moreover you will remember and know that you are experiencing pure presence without mind restrictions. This is very beneficial because then it is possible to bond with pure presence and look beyond the content within it.

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