Puzzle: It Starts and Ends with One

Life has often been compared to a puzzle; more so in common terms. Let’s however, look at the similarities between life and a puzzle more directly. There is usually always a picture to be used as a building guideline because a person needs a point of reference before starting a puzzle. There are also people who do not wish to use the included picture because it provides more of a challenge to fit the pieces together.

A person will usually take one piece and the remaining pieces subsequently fall into place around the first. Where is a person’s awareness during the first moment and consecutive moments of puzzle building? The point of conscious awareness is usually on the one piece of puzzle a person has in his or her hand.

This piece is always the center of the universe in terms of how, where and even why the puzzle starts and continues. There is also one piece needed to complete the picture that has carefully been fitted together. One is the common denominator within a puzzle whether it is composed of 50 pieces or 50 million. What about life conscious space? It is infinite, at least this is the best possible calculation we can give in accordance with our limited knowledge of universal life consciousness.

Puzzle of Life

Let us say that the background framework of a puzzle is similar to the dimension of universal consciousness but without the boundaries. You are always somewhere within this conscious field depending on your state of awareness. Now the appropriate question to ask often would be “Where am I in this moment? Additionally it would be spiritually and cognitively beneficial to ask “What do I wish to create it in this moment?”

Alan Watts said it beautifully and I wish to paraphrase from his teachings:
“You are the Big Bang that started everything and you are still creating it”

What did Mr. Watts wish to share with us? We are the totality of life and we are co-creating “it” in every moment. It is not wise to scatter your conscious awareness on countless details that are fabricated by the mind. It is, however, universally enlightening to focus on the “one” piece of puzzle in each instance of your existence.

Best wishes

P.S. The attached link gives tips that are helpful in finding your true self as a person.



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