Quality of Experience

A genuine quality within any given experience is usually not really prevalent. There are many factors that we could consider in trying to determine the reasons for the superficiality in our experiences. The pressures caused by daily activities deter us from actually observing any experience consciously. Many people remain oriented on a certain daily routine. While still more people stay on a mental one way street throughout the unfolding of any given day. There are also human traits to be considered and how these can influence our interaction with the present moment.


Human emotional traits such as anxiety or fear are destructive to the awareness of any experience. There can be no real quality to an experience that is overshadowed by mental and emotional baggage. The ego distorts our conscious observation of a given moment. It does this most efficiently when a person is not fully residing in the moment of experience (the now). We should also remember that quality is also only a word. This word and its meaning will vary from person to person. The meaning or intensity of quality should not be taken too seriously. When we speak of quality it would be more appropriate to express this as the level of awareness to the experience.

Quality of the Moment

Experiencing everything that you do, everything that you are and everything you can feel is done through the unfolding of this moment. We could also say that this means existing completely in this one moment. There is only every this one experience. We assume that there are countless experiences, just as we belief that there are countless moments. The application of awareness to “being” this moment may be beneficial in allowing a shift in our state of actual presence. This would be a shift from the mental images of being a human that is confronted with situations to a state of being that resides in the field of unrestricted, non-manipulated conscious possibilities.

The moment that was, the moment that is or the moment that will come is always only one moment. There is never any moment, other than this now. Eckhart Tolle teaches the significance of this realization. This moment does not need to be labeled in terms of quality; good, bad, right or wrong. It simply is; what we then decide to do with it constitutes if we will only experience the person or if we will experience what is beyond mind and body. Therefore the significance lies in unification with the one universal self in this precious moment. This unification opens the portal between human species derived consciousness and universal consciousness; which can only be experienced fully in the now.

There are two videos from Alan Watts included. The videos offer wonderful insight into experiencing the moment and knowing the self.

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