November 27, 2017

Questions and Insights

This page is a portal for questions and insights relating to spirituality, living consciously and our existence as a whole. Here you can write to me about specific ideas, insights and questions that we can consider together. Our focus is on living consciously and this will hopefully offer a harmonious relationship with our self, the world and beyond.

A Look into Spirituality

Please understand that I do not claim or presume to be an authority on consciousness, absolute truth or any of the topics that I write about or discuss with individuals. My intentions are not to express favoritism or criticism for or against any religion, collective organization, culture, person or people.

My wish is to share the deep innate sense of conscious being that I feel is beyond the mind, emotions and human content structures. Here I am referring to the universal intelligence that is within and surrounds all objects. This is something that spiritually resonates in each person and all objects. Furthermore I am hopeful that sharing insights and questions with each other will expand our individual object consciousness. This expansion will consequently allow easier access to universal consciousness. Thereby we may recognize the space of oneness that we all share.

Questions Answered from Beyond the Mind

You can use the contact form to write to me about something you would like to share. I will reflect on your ideas or questions and write to you personally. I will eventually be hosting a Facebook live chat. There I would like to discuss some of the insights and questions during the sessions if this is okay for you. Here you can participate in the discussion or simply enjoy it as an observer.

Please include in your email if you wish to discuss your insights or questions privately through our email correspondence or if you will allow me to also use the topic material for discussions on the Facebook live chat. I will respect your wish. I look forward to reading your insights and questions.

Best wishes

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