Reach Out: Touch Everything Consciously

Does this sound impossible? The mind will tell you yes, it is impossible to reach out and share on a conscious level. However it is becoming very obvious that consciousness is not something that comes into existence expands and then fades away. Rather consciousness is a constant that is beyond mind, space and time.

Therefore we and all objects are always sharing a conscious bond that has nothing to do with a life-forms characteristics or existence. However the ability to experience this does seem to be dependent upon an objects state of self-consciousness. This is why awareness to being conscious gives us the opportunity to realize the extent of this flowing energy. Thus we can literally reach out and communicate at this level.

The development of our species has inadvertently caused us to disregard living consciously. Hence we innately know that it is possible to reach out and consciously touch everything but the mind usually restricts this flow. It may be more accurate to say that the mind diverts this energy. This is because a person is often unknowingly using energy to focus solely on thoughts or emotions.

Reach Out in Awareness

There is an example that can be used to illustrate how mind clutter can cause distractions that result in unwisely focusing object energy. It is however essential to first realize deeply that you are not your mind. Otherwise the shifting process from mind to conscious awareness will be difficult to recognize and preserve. Then reach inward and focus your awareness on what you know is not mind generated.

Now imagine that you have a room that is empty. You carefully place pictures on the wall and furnish the room according to your wishes. Two years pass and you feel a growing tension within yourself each time you enter the room. Your mind tells you that it is not furnished well and everything must be changed. The thoughts relating to the room accompany you everywhere and cause anxiety and frustration.

However what has not changed? The space that the room occupies has not been altered. The details within the room such as pictures or furniture are unimportant in regards to the unlimited possibilities within this space. Enlightenment unfolds through your awareness and conscious dedication to recognizing the space that is the room’s true essence.

You can reach out and reunite with the space that is beyond anything you encounter. Enlightenment can be experienced through the practice of living consciously.

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