Realize Life: Let Go: Live Now

Life energy is vibrating through everything in every moment. There are perhaps countless frequencies within this dimension. Although it is usually not possible for us to realize how they influence us and how we can influence them. This is because the mind can not truly understand or define the mystery of life; nor should it try.


However it does and the result is a static field of energy emulating from the mind. This frequency or frequencies can be very restrictive to the expansion of consciousness. Moreover it is very difficult to realize that this energy is constantly flowing when a person is in a state of unawareness. Furthermore we are accustomed to following the mind as it constructs a reality from thoughts and emotions.

Therefore it can be difficult to realize the potential that is available after we let go and cooperate with this energy flow. The co-creation of our individual and collective reality is occurring constantly. However we are not usually conscious enough to realize that we are responsible for how it manifests. It unfolds according to the energy we release into the universal dimension of life.

Realize the Divine Being

A shift can occur simply by become more aware of what is beyond all that we experience through mind and physical sensory perception. We have the potential to realize that we are a divine being. However throughout our evolution we chose to adhere to limitations placed on us by the mind.

It demands that a person understand everything and in the same instant encourages us to believe that all questions will eventually be answered. Thus the mind assures us that we will achieve balance and enlightenment. However it places boundaries on conscious awareness by conditioning us not to dive into the moment. Rather it causes us to avoid the now in our search for answers. We innately realize this pattern of the mind but often can not go beyond its preset limitations.

Is it possible for us to let go and dive into the energy dimension of life? Can we correspondingly realize and shift our focus from mind to conscious energy? Definitely! A first step is to recognize that we are already immersed in life as an object manifesting it. There is no need to search for it or to actually dive into it.

Imagine the universe as a divine being that co-creates with life through the act of self-consciousness. We could simplify this sentence by saying we as a divine being are co-creating our existence and life through the simple act of being. This is how it has been and will probably always be. Now is the time to change how we see ourselves and thus we change the universal flow of energy.

Best wishes


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