Reason to Be: Do You Need Purpose to Live?

The topic discussion for this article offers a stimulating, roller coaster ride. However, our reflective considerations will eventually leave us with an unsatisfying conclusion. We have all heard the Clichés. We insist that life must have a purpose for us. Moreover, there is supposedly a reason for everything in the universe.


This sounds wonderful to the mind. The energy produced by the mind thrives on such suppositions. Nevertheless, assumptions or beliefs only have significance in our need to search, define and classify our existence. This is fine for the purpose of fulfilling the demands of an inquisitive mind. However, any attempt to determine a reason for living is strictly restricted to the level of our existence.

It is accurate to suggest that you will wake up tomorrow and go to work. This is one purpose and it provides you with an opportunity to thrive as a person in a human-made world. Correspondingly, you can use countless purposes in an attempt to explain the reason you live.

However, these will only serve to provide the mind with a superficial and very temporary salvation. Likewise, you feel a perpetual dissatisfaction caused by the repetitive use of such defined reasons and purposes for living. The pursuit for a reason to live is addictive because it can never be truly reached.

An Illusion Called Reason

This is because you essentially know, deep within and far beyond all this mind content clutter, that a superimposed reason to live is hollow. The minds persistent attempts to verify a reason for being offers no true enlightenment into life or your essence. Nevertheless the mind will insist that there is a reason for what occurred yesterday and what will happen tomorrow.

What role do you have in the ultimate experience of life? You determine the priority of your existence through your interaction or non-interaction with the mind. What does this mean in reference to the experience of balance and enlightenment? It comes down to whether you are wiling to continue chasing after the minds excuses for life and living. You can continue to do this or you can realize that, firstly, it is enough to simple be.

Furthermore, any reasons or purposes beyond simply being only manipulates and restricts your awareness to living consciously. Pause for a moment and go within to the true self. The simple act of being aware of being alive is ultimately the realization that offers happiness and enlightened fulfillment. You are alive. You are life experiencing itself. Isn’t this enough?

Best wishes

P.S. Here is a link from Psychology Today with insight about the Meaning of Life


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