Reawakening: It is Possible but Will It Happen? It is Up to You

Reawakening will release our hold on the demands that we make on our human life. This would allow us to use the act of conceiving (wishing, imagining) on a compatible frequency with life instead of against it. We will relearn and correspond to life without the need to define or dominate it. We will then experience what we have conceived in accordance with life. What we do not have or become was never ours to receive. We have only convinced ourselves that it should be ours to become through false mind vibration projections. A real change will only occur when we have awakened (more aware).

It is vital that we learn how to use our species consciousness. This ability allows us to touch (communicate) with the universal consciousness. The popular Bible quote: “for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap” opens a new awareness dimension when we give this quote a new twist. We should write: “for whatsoever an awakened man sows that shall he surely reap”. This illustrates the bond we could have with the universal intelligence. Awareness to consciousness, awareness to consciousness and even more awareness to consciousness is one important key needed in knowing who you are.

This awareness would also fill us with a sense of completeness. We would have no desire to know “Who am I?” The aware experiencing of each and only moment elevates you beyond our species self-inflected limitations. Life’s only real purpose may be to experience being. The Big Bang conception may reveal a real truth. The “nothing and everything” or “beginning and end” could be how life experiences itself. It breaths, it starts from what we term nothing and expands outward into everything. When we rationalize this statement we determine that “everything” is just “one thing”. This oneness is the energy of life that is becoming more and more aware of itself since the Big Bang.

Reawakening to Life

This breath of life expansion continues as life experiences more about itself. Then there is a point where it is practically overwhelmed with its own expansion. Then it retracts to a point we term nothingness. These are generic human terminologies which does not change the fact that we should experience life, not define it. This expansion and retraction may be a continuous occurrence. Whether life (universe) actually expansions and retractions is debatable. I feel it is probable. We have defined it so, but this does not ensure that our human interpretation is absolute. We may one day fully experience life; considering if we reconnect with the totality of life consciousness.

P.S. I use the word reawakening in reference to awakening of the oneness that we once had with life. This was before our self-consciousness had reached a higher level. We were already one with life; then we fell into a deep sleep. Now many are reawakening.

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