Reawakening to Life: what comes next?

Human existence factors such as conditioned thoughts and emotions have added complexity to the simply state of “being”. We can return to a harmonious state of being through active awareness to each moment. Consequently the initial conscious reawakening or enlightenment is the recognition of this state of isness. This is sometimes called “being aware of awareness”. Eckhart Tolle made this statement an icon.


Reawakening to the dimension of life energy consciousness is the first step to existing in harmony with ourselves. Dissatisfaction, worry, fear, and other ailments of our species are not really caused by a disharmony with universal consciousness. The difficulties arise because we have forgotten our true essence. We are punishing ourselves through assumptions, beliefs and definitions that we use in an attempt to clarify the purpose of our existence and life. Neither our existence (any object existence) nor life needs clarification in the absolute sense.

Reawakening to the isness of life can be very gratifying but it is often only experienced for a short time before the weight of a content form existence manipulates us back into a routine of systematic responses and reactions. This is what I had referred to in a recent article about enlightenment or reawakening. Many people are so busy searching for a means to an end that will provide enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that is to be found. The essence of reawakening is present in each blink of an eye. Becoming enlightened can be as spontaneous as the blinking of an eye.

Reawakening is a Process

The challenge for each person is the acceptance of a universal knowledge that cannot really be explained. (Accepting something that we do not understand is very difficult for most human beings.) A daily practice for an enlightened person can be accomplished by stepping outside any situation. This could be an encounter with your own thoughts, the thoughts of others people, the actions of a person, or any situation that causes you to be distracted from the present moment.

There is a process needed to achieve a long term reunification between mind consciousness and universal life consciousness. It is not enough to experience a reawakening or enlightenment. Therefore the process that follows the first stage of enlightenment is what allows change; and more importantly acceptance of these changes, to occur. This process of change is how we can reestablish our human form within the field of universal energy consciousness.

Many people are awakening;  many more are about to reawakening. You will know when this happens, do not fight what you feel when it happens. It is only frightening because it feels so strange. Our conditioned state of existence sounds an alarm that makes us want to run away from this universal knowledge. Embrace this rediscovered knowledge of life consciousness instead of mentally running from it. You will be surprised at how your immediate state of being and the universe around you will transform into a field of unified serenity. Everyone and everything are not a separate entity in a vast universe. All that is known and unknown lies within each object animated or inanimate.

Best wishes

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