Reflections in Silence

The words reflections and silence are not really synonymous. However these two words unite through conscious awareness. States of reflection or silence are doorways that lead to something far beyond the word itself. There beyond the words and everything we experience is our true essence.

Reflections are considered to be ideas or insights (thoughts) that appear, often through a moment of silence. This may be true when considered from a practical existence standpoint, but what is beyond these reflections? Both reflection and silence are really nothing in themselves. I recently had a chat with someone. The conversation related to enjoying the gifts offered through commune with nature. The person I chatted with said that she likes to sit in a natural surrounding, reflect on life and just “be”.

This is something that we have all experienced at one point or another. Nature has a soothing affect on us. Natural surroundings provide an easy access to a portal that opens into a higher consciousness. I spontaneous responded to this persons comment. I asked her “Are you reflecting on life in a moment of silence? Or do you become aware that you are life itself in a moment of silence?” Having reflections that are “about” our existence experiences is what many people say occurs in a moment of “reflection”.

Reflections in the Mind: Portals to Eternity

The free-falling serenity that people anticipate through mind reflections does not happen because of a particular reflective moment or through a silent moment. This is only the portal that we can mentally step through. The mind can not even differentiate between localized consciousness and universal consciousness. It could best be described as the gatekeeper between localized and universal consciousness. The mind is very active as a gatekeeper when we are preoccupied by the thoughts and emotions that randomly appear.

The opposite is true when we are able to detach the state of being (isness) from the mind activities that our life-form experiences. Reflections vibrate the mind at a slightly different frequency then erratic mind pattern frequencies. This sometimes happens when we are detached from mental activities and allow reflections to guide the mind beyond thoughts, emotions and ego. The “problem” that most people do not “consciously” experience, is how to detach the self (the one that sees) from the mind clutter.

This is because the actual detachment from the mind is not something that the mind “does”. It is something that is experienced beyond the mind. Nature, as mentioned above, is a portal that can help release the self from the mind. The silence we experience in nature is still a phenomenon of the mind. Reflections of the mind that occurs in a natural surrounding can truly nurture experiencing our existence “consciously” instead of experiencing everything from strictly mind generated thoughts and emotions.

Reflections offer Direction

The mystery of life will always be beyond the structures of the mind. The mind often relaxes in a moment of silence. Reflections of the mind should not be confused with true aware consciousness. Reflections are sign posts that can mentally take us to the portal between mind consciousness and universal consciousness. The gateway to this dimension is where reflections in the mind and all functions of the mind in general lose any validity.

This one moment will spontaneously become transparent as the restrains of the mind disappear. The mind and all aspects produced by it are sign posts that offer us a glimpse of what is beyond.


Best wishes to everyone


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