Refrigerator: Biggest Guru in the House

There are experiences each day that open a door to the origin of life. This statement may first sound very profound and unrealistic but humor me for a moment. I have been sharing an apartment with an honorable guru for many years. I observed his wisdom first-hand as I opened the refrigerator door. The door suddenly made a loud screeching noise.


It could be said that I have sensitive ears but it was the mind that had a problem with the screeching door; not my ears. We all have our own specially tailored mental quirks that are a result of thought and emotional conditioning. I opened and shut the refrigerator door a few times and listened to it screech each time.

Oh no! What should I do? The mind was asking me and at the same time pressuring me to do something, anything to stop the screeching. I stepped back and considered the situation. My first reaction was to get the WD-40 penetrating oil and spray the refrigerator’s hinges. I could feel the mind telling me that this was the best course of action. I finished lubricating the door and opened it. It screeched even louder then before. My active perception shifted, whereby I focused on my hand as it held the refrigerator door.

I laughed at myself as I more or less told my mind to remain silent and focused energy on my hand. Then consciously instructed my hand to shut the door very slowly in a completely different manner than how I usually would shut it. I was delighted as the refrigerator door glided shut without screeching. I then opened it using the same momentum as usual and once again hear the loud screeching.

This experience showed me several stepping stones to enlightenment simply by becoming actively aware of the refrigerator door.

  1. The door was never the problem in this situation. There had never been a problem. Or to say it another way; the mind made a problem where there was none and I had listened to it. We can use the idiom “Make a mountain out of a molehill” to emphasize the general reaction to most situation.
  2. I, as with many people, am not really conscious of the moment due to routines and conditioned behavior.
  3. A slight shift in awareness to my hand instead of my mind released the hold that the thoughts and emotions had on me.
  4. I experienced space (serenity in presence) when I freed myself from the mind’s clutter and allowed the door to close slowly. I acknowledged a timeless dimension beyond the mind as the door unhurriedly closed.

A Refrigerator Door, a Flower or Person Offer Enlightenment

It would be accurate to say that I allowed myself to experience the moment as it unfolded, thus I literally “became” the refrigerator door during this conscious melting process. ~ It sounds crazy but the flow of life conscious energy is constant and present in all objects. It is possible to either “vibrate” with this frequency or emit vibrations that reinforce separation. ~ It is always our choice; be aware and know.

This lesson in enlightened living is possible with literally everything that we encounter whether this is a person, animal, plant, thing or worse case scenario…our own mind. This is true because it is always “the mind” that is causing the difficulty. It is always a reflection of the self manifesting through you and not other people or things. Conditioning causes us to “react” to everything as a separate entity instead of responding to the self “in” every object. There is a guru within all forms that can offer enlightenment when you see the self and know.

Best wishes

P.S. The article from Psychology Today offers an interesting perspective about the idiom “Make a mountain out of a molehill.”


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