Relative Reality: What is Real?

Relative reality as a discussion topic can be mind-boggling when too much energy is used to “think” about reality. What is real? What is not real? A relative reality could be considered fundamental to your existence. We might even suggest that nothing could “be” without reality. A third perspective would be not to associate these two words with anything that is “real”. This may first seem derogatory to our understanding of reality. Another word commonly used for relative is relativism. Wikipedia defines this word as:

Relativism is the concept that points of view have no absolute truth or validity within themselves, but rather only relative, subjective value according to differences in perception and consideration.” There is many understandings of relativism. The church; for example, considers any association with this concept to be a denial of absolute truth. You can read more about this here:


Reality is said to be a state of all things as they actually exist, rather then as they may appear or might be imagined.” (Wikipedia) This sentence can be accepted for practical human existence purposes. However this definition as no “real” validity when spiritually considered. The unmanifested and manifested can be experienced within the energy frequency dimension of oneness. We could also say that we experience both in the totality of everything. Does the manifested have more reality than the unmanifested or is this relative?

Absolute truth is another so called “reality” that we can consider when discussing if there is a state of “real” reality. The Buddhist doctrine of “The Two Truths” offer insight into existence, reality and non-reality. This doctrine suggests that there is an “ultimate truth” and a “provisional truth”. These are also referred to as the transcendent absolute (non-duality) and the world of phenomena. Non-duality is known as the experience of liberation or “self” realization. The opposite of this is the relative reality or an existence of illusions. This mind-imposed reality nurtures such concepts as “rebirth”, desire, unhappiness and ignorance to the “self”. “

Relative Reality…Relative Truth

A few key words to consider in the previous paragraph would be “liberation, “self” realization and ultimate truth. We could also add the world salvation to this list. Do any of these ideas or insights explain reality or only valid that it is all actually relative? Is there a “real” absolute truth? No. Is there a common denominator among everything mentioned above? Yes. This would be the state of non-aware or aware existence.

This state of existence has many levels depending on the degree of self-awareness. Furthermore we could say that there is a frequency of unification comprised of conscious life energy. Should we call this an absolute truth? We can but why should we? This unified dimension is universal but it is not necessary absolute. Reality is only a dream and absolute truth is only a vision. Understanding up and down, in and out, back and forth and why or if may become clearer when we realize that it is “all” as real or unreal as you make it.

Best wishes to everyone

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