Resistance is Useless

Star Trek TV shows and movies have shown us an alien race that assimilates other life-forms into their collective group. The aliens are called Borg and are best know by the following sentences. We are Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


I was meditating outside the other day and became aware of the mind interjecting thoughts into the nothingness of unmanifested energy that can be experienced during meditation. These thoughts darted back and forth similar to ping pong balls bouncing around. Thereupon I would unconsciously concentrate on the content of each thought. The mind activity that I experienced resulted from resistance to sound and movement. There was a plane, a bird chirping, a person talking etc. in my immediate surroundings.

There was always a degree of resistance that occurred as each thought appeared. It was very distracting because I had been focusing on content of the mind and not the energy. However it became clear that I should focus solely on the energy itself instead of the mind content. What I consciously observed was very beneficial in letting go of both thoughts and emotions relating to any frustration I was experiencing.

Furthermore the anxiety resulted from my lack of awareness to what the mind was interjecting into the flow of life energy. This unmanifested energy can become a highly tuned source of vibrating consciousness in any given moment of active awareness.

Replace Resistance with Acceptance

I write about this often as a reminder to myself and others so that we can practice shifting our attention from mind to active awareness daily. We are co-creating with life in each instance of our existence. Enlightenment is attainable through simple awareness to what and how we are experiencing something. I observed this first-hand during my meditation. The mind produced more and more resistance in the form of thoughts because I was unaware of what it was doing.

However it suddenly became obvious that resistance was useless regarding my surroundings and even an attempt to oppose the mind was futile. Therefore the easiest response was to accept and allow. What happened next was amazing. I was, to quote the Borg, assimilated by the energy I had allowed to flow.

The object mind energy that had been distracting me faded in intensity and emerged with the flow of life energy. This in turn, vibrated with consciousness as I allowed everything to unfold without any resistance. This article may first appear abstract but I can assure you that practicing letting go and shifting how you focus on object energy will ensure conscious space in your daily activities.

Best wishes and happiness




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