Riding the Wave of Life

Have you ever been surfing? It is often compared to riding a wave in life. This, in itself, is enough to cause the mind to see life as an obstacle to overcome. Therefore the analogy is consistent and acceptable as a concept. However this comparison is usually based strictly on thoughts and emotions. This does not actually reflect life nor does it offer a glimpse into the unified field that contains the enery of unmanifested possibilities.

However, we love the challenge of riding a thin board. This is usually done on a large body of water. It suggests a type of confrontation that is mind-projected as you against this huge ocean. Furthermore, each new wave is subsequently seen as a hindrance. The mind commonly labels this as a problem and it does this more and more each moment.

Naturally the mind thrives on the repetitive and conditioned cycles that have evolved throughout our evolution. It tells us that riding the wave of life is necessary for your existence. Therefore the mind feeds us thoughts that are the result of experiences from a supposed past. Additionally, it suggests (through thoughts and emotions) that you must climb on your surfboard and face this problem called a wave.

Consciously Riding Your Surfboard

Nevertheless, something else occurs when you see the next wave approaching you. You experience a thrill created by freely riding on this wave. This is, at least, your wish as you attempt to stand up in the board. Here is the magic and mystery that can be beneficial to us in awakening to this level of consciousness. This is a state of being that unites you, the surfboard and the water.

We can associate these three (you, surfboard, water) with the human self, existence and the oneness of life. A person will experience the fun and thrill of riding a wave when the mind is not actively restricting this flow. It is the mind that will insist a particular wave is not big enough or that you are not good enough to ride it.

This may be useful for practical purposes when you are actually learning to ride a surfboard. However these interjected thoughts will only manipulate the unmanifested realm of universal energy. This is where creativity and the opportunity for you to express yourself freely are possible from both the localized (person) and universal divine being levels.

Balance is the key in riding a surfboard and this is also very accurate for how we should experience life. The mind, human and universal consciousness can thrive and nurture each other when the barriers of separation have faded away. You will then realize that you are not riding a wave during this existence; rather you are the wave that is experiencing itself.

Best wishes



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