Rip Van Winkle

This is part three of our Rip Van Winkle discussion. There is a true existence reality to be found in the Story of Rip Van Winkle. Rip Van Winkle adventure with “time” is something that we experience every moment in our existence. I may once again be going far out on a limb by offering this story as a parallel to our own existence.

I do however feel very strongly that there is a truth to be found in this famous story. This life truth could benefit us in understanding our own existence in relation to universal life. The human species has been possessed, confused and restricted since the establishment of “time”. This conditioned pattern began in early humankind development. Time did not establish any significant interactive role with human beings in the beginning of our species existence.

This came later after our human species consciousness had developed enough to require / demand reasons and answers for everything it experienced. We practically insisted on making the normal functions of the universe into definable symbols (seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc.). This induced the need to have activity structure patterns based on our definition of “time”. These may be practical for our human existence experiences, but absolutely unnecessary in aspects of “real” life. That is why “time” is always felt and interpreted differently. Almost every person knowingly or unknowingly adheres only to the humankind symbols and definitions of the word “time”. There has however been an increase of people over the last few years that are tuning into life awareness and tuning out the human species psychological restrictions, pressures and demands. It is these mind-made psychological barriers that have always been a part of our human being existence.

The use of a word called “time” is not actually stressful, restrictive or impairing when we devote our existence to being “life” aware. This is true for any conceptual aspect of our form existence. It is possible to exist as a human being form consciousness and still “be” the one life consciousness. This is our true self.

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