Rip Van Winkle

This is part two follow-up to my short Facebook Post a few days ago. Rip Van Winkle’s  experiences with “time” has; in many ways, become a daily observable fact for me. 

The Long Hair Writer

I mentioned in the Facebook Post that after finishing my First Book “One Moment in Life” I became aware of two new personal developments. I had; for the most part, overcome the restrains and demands that we humans usually associate with the word “time”. The second development was more of a physical development.

My hair had grown quite long during my work on the first manuscript. Here is a picture of me after finishing the last phase of the book manuscript. I realized that I was becoming independent of “time” other than for practical human purposes. I also felt it was “time” for me to get a haircut”, do you agree?

I have had my hair cut since taking this picture.

Life Awareness gives you a smile.
Life Awareness gives you a smile.

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