Robin Redbreast’s Song of Life

Hello everyone:

There are miracles happen every minute. One such miracle occurs each day just outside your window. This miracle can best be experience when you are in the dimension of life. This is the state of “being” that we talked about in the other Posts. There are many different animals outside of your window on any given day. It is to say “Mother Nature” surrounds us in every moment.

There is a bird that is very common to people in America and Europe; basically around the world. This bird is called the Robin Redbreast. It is a garden bird which is very popular in England and America. The Robin has a unique aptitude for vocalizing itself in a manner of diverse melodies and tunes. I experience a symphony of such in the garden next to my window every day.

Have you experienced a moment of life conscious awareness just as one or more Robins have sang there song of life? It is a sensation that vibrates through the body. I have actually felt my self drifting through the space of life consciousness and parallel I have felt the presence / form consciousness of this bird or birds. It is very difficult to put into words. I referred to this in recent Posts as a consciousness melting; both from the level of form consciousness thus universal consciousness. This experience is very soothing. Many people have experienced this “consciousness melting”. What you may call it is not significant. I prefer the words “consciousness melting”. The words used are not important. Feeling what happens in that moment is an opportunity for each of us to “feel” life. We can feel life on a one to one basis in that moment. This allows acceptance to occur. It amplifies our awareness of life without defined content. It is possible to feel the moment without any judgment or fear.

I have experienced true bliss in such moments; not because I felt everything was (is) beautiful in that moment, but because I can simply feel “everything”. It is truly difficult to put into words.

There are probably many of you who have experienced something very similar from time to time. Most people feel awkward about allow this to simply “be”. It is basically our species mental restrictions that prohibit the natural flow (melting) of form into life consciousness. Many people hold rigidly to conditioned behavior and beliefs concerning such experiences. The most common reaction when a person is told about such an experience is disbelief or ignorance. A person who claims to feel the universe through any means other then from our own mental / conscious framework is mad. This is sadly a typical reaction which as kept our species consciousness in a state of limbo far too long.

I wish to close this article with a question. Life (you and me) is here now in the form of a human(s). We humans typically assume, define and judge. The emphasis should be placed on “humans” not life. We also view our existence as good or bad, right or wrong. Does this however mean that we must continue down this rigid path of illusions? There is another part of us that is ready to embrace life as it is. This would be the part that knows instinctively that it is “life”. Accepting this would allow us to be as we truly are; We could simply “be” without needing to chase our own tail without every having a chance to catch it. This may be something to consider.

I have included a short video of a Robin talking with other Robins.

Best wishes

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