Role Playing: Who Am I Today?

Do you like watching movies because of the story-lines and actors? Well, you are playing a role in almost all situations if you listen solely to the mind telling you stories. The scene in this play may involve a person, thing or even your own self image. Furthermore, the mind is oblivious to what is actually unfolding in that moment. More over, it is a director and uses you as an actor to perform a show.


The mind, likewise, does all it can to provide you with the props and text to carry out the role you are to play. You have the potential to be the greatest actor but you unknowingly are playing the role of the court jester. How does it feel to be the fooled by the mind? Well, let’s take a closer look at the part you play in this masterpiece theater called Think and Believe.

Role Playing vs. Directing Life

The two most frequently used stage setting by the mind are Thinking and believing. It repeatedly gives you thoughts and feelings to rehearse. The mind does this to assure itself that you have learned your part in its grand play of unconscious existence. The role is slightly different in each situation. However, the outcome is always the same. It results in you participating in a theater play of the mind that offers no true satisfaction.

However, you usually do as the mind suggests because, after all, that is what you are getting paid for; isn’t it? This is similar to a novice actor that must take any role whether he or she likes the screenplay role or not. You obediently read the text given to you by the mind. This eventually happens even in a moment when you realize that you don’t like how the mind is influencing your living experience. It convinces you that this is your reality. Furthermore, you usually accept this because this is how it has always been; hasn’t it?

This is, as least, what the mind wants you to think and believe. The mind, therefore, dictates your role through thoughts and emotions and you repeat the lines meticulously. A person usually lives his or her existence playing the puppet theater role without ever truly realizing it.

Now is the time for you to become the director of life and offer the mind a supporting role in the ultimate blossoming of your divine essence.

Best wishes


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