Rule of Engagement: Living Consciously

The article title is solely used as a point of emphasis for our discussion. However there are many people who function on a day to day basis by using a rule or rules of engagement. These rules are used in situations relating to our own behavior, other people and any given interaction every moment. It is essential to go beyond mind established patterns to create a possible spiritual foundation for you to live consciously in harmony with yourself, the universe and life.


It seems that we are confronted with people and situation that are always changing and thus impossible to understand. The first question to ask is why must a person understand another person or situation? This is followed by the mind reacting to any confrontation because a person is basically not able or willing to accept change due to a need to understand.

There is usually at least one rule that is implemented during any given situation. Does this mean that a person’s behavior results strictly from an established code of engagement? It is more likely that other species factors contribute to our behavior and reactions in any given situation. This is because our resistance to change results predominately from not living consciously. Our preset rules, assumptions, definitions etc. cause additional non-acceptance to change.

A Rule to Change

Nothing ever changes except how you perceive it. This statement originated as I was meditating therefore it may first seem rather abstract. We can also express this insight in the following manner. We usually observe changes as obstacles and this will continue unless we are willing to change. Mahatma Gandhi wrote this very wisely in his quote:

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

Therefore our practice is to rise beyond any given rule of engagement and conditioned behavior. There within is it possible to experience harmony through active consciousness and the acceptance of change. Thus you become the change that you are experiencing.

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