Salvation or Mind Domination: You choose!

We have always lived in a state of salvation. This state of being could also be called completeness. However the mind, through human conditioning has been doing its best to tell us this is not true. Human beings and all objects are manifesting life. In terms of our conditioning, we are standing on the edge of life’s door. Our human characteristics such as emotions and thoughts have given the ego power to control our human life. The ego tells us that we are on the outside of life, looking in.


The truth is that we are in life and looking out into the universe. The fact that we are part of life means that we are within everything. The ego wishes to fool us again and again by telling us that this is not true. The ego itself is nothing more than a part of this human conditioning dilemma that has developed in our species over countless centuries. It is a human device that has grown very strong over the course of our evolution. There is no real “need” to be looking for a path, either on the human or on the spiritual level. We have always had everything that we have been searching for throughout the centuries.

We are everything; there is no true reason to search for salvation. However the mind wants satisfaction and demands that we continue searching.

We are gazing upon the universe through a frequency of life energy in each moment. This energy is manifesting through all objects and space. It is possible to change the very content of life regarding how it manifests in the universe. This reference is not about our human existence. I am suggesting that we have the gift of life. We will achieve all that the universe has to offer us through cooperative energy manifestations. However we must first let go of the mind and reestablish a partnership with life.

It is important to understand that “achieving all that the universe has to offer us” means exactly what it implies. We are not here as a human being to determine what is best for us, and what is not. The ego assures us that what we want is what we should get in our existence. This is not true. Many ideas and wishes can and will come true. That’s because these are co-creations that originate in a state of consciousness and not from illusions of the mind.

We may “believe” that the fulfillment of certain goals come from hard work, determination, or even luck, but this is not complete true. These human endeavors may contribute to the achievement of existence activities, but they are not actually the deciding factors in fulfillment.


This can be verified when we use the example of people who “try their best” and still nothing seems to go right. This is also why a person who seems “good” and “deserving” doesn’t receive anything. This same person may experience hardships, sickness and even premature death. Why do we consider this to be unfair? The reason is because our expectations and desires are almost always from the level of thoughts, ego and emotions. The things a person doesn’t get were never his or hers to receive. This is where the conditioned path and human nature can cause great disorder in our interactions with life.

Everything that we have been able to do has come from the source, no matter what we might otherwise wish to “believe”. We may live this existence constantly behaving and reacting from the level of mind and also be convinced that these actions will guide us to salvation.

However decisions, based on the mind, are only on the plane of life-form existence. We plan and work toward worldly goals. This is normal as a human, but it is entirely irrelevant in terms of unifying consciousness. The ego and a conditioning mind demand that we place importance on thoughts and emotions to reach salvation. This is just an illusion. Life really means being here, where you are now, consciously speaking. There is no real need to be looking for anything needed to obtain fulfillment or salvation. You do not need to frantically search for a given path in this human existence.

Salvation: It is your Decision

Life itself is already doing everything for us and we can co-create the manifestations that occur during our existence. The manifestation of life in objects, more specifically self-conscious life-forms, does not prescribe a path to follow. It did not plan for us to make guidelines to follow in the search for freedom of mind. Life energy can be observed in life-beings that have reached a given state of consciousness. Whether a person remains consciously awake or allows the mind to dominate is decided solely by each person.

Our practice is to find the balance between being a human and living in harmony with life. This suggests not putting demands on life, thus not putting demands on ourselves and the human species in general. Learning to live with life, we can then understanding our place in it as a human. This will lead to acceptance, which will allow more possibilities to manifest in our human existence.

Best wishes

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