Sanctuary of Life: Enjoy Your Stay

Have you become aware of something blissfully mysterious that seems to be beyond mind and body? However, has this deeper awareness resulted in your mind searching even more frantically for the source of this harmonious bliss? Well, look no further because you are dwelling within the sanctuary of life. Furthermore, it can manifest synchronization between the mind, object and universal consciousness. Let it happen if you are ready and willing.


A sanctuary is a retreat or safe haven. Isn’t this what the mind is compelling us to find each day? It wants us to run and hide in an oasis where everything will be just like we have dreamed it would be. Its intentions are honorable. However, listening to these thoughts will only add discontentment and suffering to our daily experiences.

Sanctuary of Bliss

The mind does not have the capacity to grasp that it can not help us to live consciously. Furthermore, it tells you that everlasting peace and harmony are only possible after you die. This is a thought pattern that keeps us confined within the mind. Nevertheless, have you experienced a moment of clarity and enlightenment? There is no need to pursue the minds feeble attempts to define what you are experiencing in that state of presence.

You are this sanctuary of bliss and this simple acknowledgment will start the process of conscious awakening. You do not need the mind nor another person or thing to experience awareness. However, object consciousness will deepen as thoughts fade away. This will eventually reunite you with universal consciousness.

Bridge to Forever

A passage was built as life began.
Thus, it was there as you were born.
There is a bridge and you are the builder.
Life is the way.
It allows you to cross over, but how is your choice.
The scenery may be bright or grey with each step.

However, what you experience is your choice.
You travel this bridge each day and night.
The sun, the sky and the stars are to be seen.
Then on other days it rains and it pours.

However, beyond the bridge is more.
Yes, it is there to be journeyed upon.
But how will you travel on it?
Will there be hope or fear as you go your way?

Furthermore, there will be people you meet.
Likewise, there are things to do.
Your every step decides the next.
Are you aware and do you care?
You are the builder and realize this now.
Forever is more then today and tomorrow.
It is now and has always been now.

This is the sanctuary of life.
It is not a goal or a dream.
It is you now so live and be alive.



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