Satan in Disguise

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I am sure that just the mention of the word Satan has caused many of you to become anxious. Everything is okay; it is just a word. What is Satan? Satan is a symbol of / connected with fear, evil, corruption and anything else that might be consider bad and deceitful. Documents pertaining to a “Satan” were Hebrew Scriptures written before 300 BCE, the term “satan” (root word “s’tn”) appears often. The word is derived from the original Hebrew verb “satan” which means “to oppose.” The Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek was widely used in the early Christian church. They translated “satan” as “diaboloc” from which we derive our English term “devil” and “diabolic.” (Information source: religioustolerance org)

The word Satan or devil has been interjected into our personal and collective understanding of the universe as the root of all evil. Sadly these “stories” have been impregnated into the very fabric of our existence; perhaps equal to the stories of a God or Gods. Satan is the opposing force to all that is good. We have continually entertained ourselves with variations of these misconceptions and assumptions. We superimpose these into our daily existence. Satan is feared. There is also a certain type of fascination concerning what Satan represents.

The origin of Satan whether 300 BCE or earlier is perhaps based on a simple term that described someone that opposes. We will never know the real how’s and why’s. What followed after the use of this term (the assumptions and stories) is similar to many other areas of our content existence. Stories, speculations and even research concerning Satan are filled with inconsistencies. The parallel between Satan and God in areas of inconsistency should be considered. Have we imposed Satan into our existence? Is this and only this what makes Satan, Satan?

It would seem that we have done this with Satan, God and many other existence aspects. I spoke about this topic with a yoga master a few days ago. I offered the suggestion that humankind has systematically established Satan in every activity of our existence. I used the example that Eckhart Tolle used in his books. Eckhart Tolle was not talking precisely about the devil; but perhaps had wished to imply the difficulties that humankind places upon itself. A person is placed on a tropical island; every wish for a comfortable existence is granted. It does not take long for this person to find Satan in the Garden of Eden. Satan may be in the form of mosquitoes, bad weather or anything that causes a person anguish, frustration or fear.

The yoga master then offered a similar example. He works part-time in a bakery. He bakes a lot of bread rolls. He explained that each baking pan holds thirty bread rolls. The baked bread rolls are removed from the baking pan by tipping the pan. The bread rolls slide into a larger container for delivery. The yoga master said that each time he tilts the pan to empty it, one bread roll slides out of the pan at a strange angle. He said that each and every time this one bread roll slides off the pan and onto the table or floor instead of into the container. He said this is what he considers to be “Satan in disguise” He does not have a firm belief in a God or Satan. He does feel that we impose the word / term God or Satan too often into our existence experiences. We expect a God or Satan to be in everything. Isn’t this the actual reason why we insist or belief the way we do? We have come to understand our existence in the universe as improbable without a God or Satan.

This ancient word Satan has repeatedly been misinterpreted and misused for personal or collective advantages / purposes. Is this not true for so many other words and concepts? I see that this article is becoming quite long. I feel it would be better to stop for now. There are a few more insights that I would like to share. I will consider writing a part two for this article. What do you feel about this topic? The video link is a seminar from Alan Watts. It is a bit off-base but provides insightful ideas concerning good and evil. The second link below provides information pertaining to concepts of Satan.
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