Science, Religion and Life

Why do we feel compiled to explain life through a conceptual body such as Christianity, atheism, or science? Conditioning resulting from our human social environment actually compels us to accept or conform to such ideas, guidelines, and beliefs. What do the three conceptual bodies above have in common? All three invoke separation from the whole. This is true of any and all content areas of human beings. The content structures of religions have been an overwhelming deterrent against the reawakening of our human form consciousness.

There appears to be generalizations that are present in all conceptual religions. There is a belief within any given religion that implies: (“There is a God. We believe in this God. He is “our” God. If you want to be saved you must accept our God not your God. Only then can you find the truth.”) Atheism insists that it is impartial. These individuals simply want to break free from the religious restraints placed on human beings. This; in itself, may be considered beneficial to humankind. Accepting life for what it is; without the constraints of a creator illusion, would allow form consciousness to expand. Unfortunately Atheism has also establishing itself as a collective body similar to any individual or collective body of believers.

Science has done its best to remain objective throughout humankind’s evolutionary development. Science is however an individual body comprised of people that are determined to tell us the facts of life. These facts are in accordance with what has been proven to be fact based on human existence. These facts are usually based on presumptions, assumptions and beliefs. Science establishes equations and formulas that are said to be based on universal laws. Does the universe really have “laws” and “rules” governing it? Or does humankind simply wish persistently to superimpose humanly established rules on the universe? All three collective bodies have really only given humankind more restrictive species existence content to muddle through. This continuous  volume of content has been wonderful in terms of confusing and manipulating us. The magnitude of human existence content nurtures our conditioned mind and emotions with needless, senseless information. Most human content has really done nothing but add more life separation into our human form existence.

Religion, science, and such content devices that antagonize our human existence have separated themselves from the whole; thus separating each person that follows these rules or beliefs. Each collective body (all individuals and collective bodies) confirm their validation through self-imposed human existence content illusions. We have been greatly misguided by the assumption that these illusions have a true reality.

The universe has come into existence so that it (oneness) can experience itself by manifesting through object forms. Our awareness of life (consciousness) has given us the opportunity to actively participate in the molding of the universe and life itself. Science does it’s best to define life through humanly conceived values. Religion implies fear, control and the power of manipulation through believing in something to explain life. Is one institutional practice better than the other? The answer is no. Conforming and adhering to such supposed human existence guidelines may temporarily relieve our feeling of separation; but these devices are very artificial. This is sadly what we have been conditioned to accept and endure. This has resulted in humankind actually “believing” that it has become “more knowing” about life, but we have only been spinning in circles. We feel the actuality in life but we can not accept it as being real. This is due to our perplexing content based existence.
Whether we refer to religion or science the patterns of both have remained relatively constant. We could say that our human definitions and our species behavior have constantly restricted us.
What actually connects religion and science is the fact that both have been established as components of human form. Both are content based. This really doesn’t help humankind find any long lasting peace. These content structures only impair our awareness of the universal consciousness that everything is engulf within. We know that it is there. We feel it. We have however allowed many, many different form content definitions to obscure the truth.

Best wishes to all


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