Searching for Purpose

Human beings are constantly searching for a purpose. We “think” / “believe” that there must be a purpose for us and humankind. We base the structures of our entire existence and the universe on this very assumption. This entails the establishment of mathematics, science and religion. These are all mind developed tools used in an attempt to explain the unexplainable.

This article offers an alternative to our conditioned beliefs and mind patterns that insist that we can not be anything without a purpose. It is reasonable to conclude that we have practical “purposes” in our daily existence. There are numerous experiences that fit into this category. Then we have the search for a “grand” purpose in our existence. Most people would write “a grand purpose in our life”. I tend to differentiate between the two. There is the manifestation of life through our human form. This validates the forms existence. “Life” however does not have a true “purpose”; at least not one that we can comprehend from the current level of human form consciousness.

There is no other purpose for “being” than to feel the “fulfillment” of this one second / moment. The content of the moment is not what offers fulfillment; it is the awareness of the moment itself. We will reach totality when we can do this on a continual basis.

Beyond Purpose or Reason

Life forms with a lower level of self-awareness / species consciousness do not even have this option. These life forms do not contemplate a “purpose”. Experiencing life on a one to one basis is the order of the day for other life forms. We will undoubtedly continue to expand consciously. The reunion between form consciousness and life consciousness depends solely on us. We can relearn quite a bit from other living organisms. The development of humankind is quite astonishing; whether we have a purpose or not. The mind / form consciousness selective processing has unfortunately been turned upside down.

The human mind has become to over-bearing. It has remained unchecked throughout must of our evolution; including the awakening and initiation of our self-awareness. The human mind with its peers; thoughts, emotions and ego, are determined to find a reason for our existence. The human form consciousness can experience gratification  when we are willing to accept this one moment. The so-called purpose (if we choose to use such a word) of any form is to feel life and be fulfilled with the infinity of it.

The experience is like return home. You enter the door of this home and then realizing that you are in essence the very home that you wanted to return to.

I have included an insightful video link from Sadhguru considering the topic from this article.  His words are enriched in life wisdom.

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