Seed of Life: How will it grow?

A seed is associated with fertility. Life energy flows through a seed and it grows in accordance with genetic and biological factors. It allows the passage of energy to radiate through a plant and expand. The plant will immediate absorb surrounding environmental elements. A plant will be conditioned by influences in its immediate proximity; including weather, soil and survival competition with other plants, animals and humankind.


This sounds familiar doesn’t it? Human beings are  eventually confronted with existence factors similar to a plant. However I have not written this article to discuss botany. We can use a seed to illustrate how your existence may or may not unfold; spiritually speaking.

Universal life consciousness is present in all objects. This is true for a single celled organism, plants or complex life-forms such as human beings. A higher level of form consciousness offers universal consciousness the chance to actively experience itself. Consciousness is considered a universal entity and it is constant. Therefore it is difficult to convincingly say that it can not be conscious of itself until a given life-form has become self-conscious. Consciousness probably does not have a need to be conscious of its own self but human mind behavior causes us to think that it does.

Seed of Life can Grow

I am babbling on and you are asking why I don’t get to the point of the conversation. The seed of life is within all objects. Life consciousness flows and energy pulsates through each life-form. The level of awareness in a species with higher self-consciousness determines how it will harmonize with life. Life-forms with a lower level of consciousness do not have this inner conflict between self-consciousness and universal consciousness. Plants and animals simply exist without the need or desire to know “why”.

A person’s ability to harmonize with universal conscious depends primarily on the degree of awareness to what lays outside the mind generated structures. We will either nurture the seed of life or we will disregard it; thus causing the shell that contains this seed to fade away without truly living.

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