Seer: The Observer of Life or Life Itself?

Is it possible that the seer is life itself? Is the so-called “me” the result of egos demand on our human life-form? We have been misguided by the ego for so long that we are no longer able to accept life. We no longer relate to life on a one-to-one basis.  I feel strongly that at some point in our existence every person senses the seer’s presence. This is the direct door to the oneness of life. The seer wishes for us to understand that the door is always open, but it would never force anything on us.


There has never been a true reawakening to consciousness since humankind fell into an unaware state of being. The reason for this may be that the seer (a.k.a. the observer or life) does not exist to compete; neither with the ego, the emotions or conditioned behavior of any type. The ego and the “me” are actually just parts of the one true form. With whom, therefore, should life compete? Why would it compete with itself?  That would be foolish. I don’t feel that this is how life functions. A human life-form truly just needs to be more aware. So much clarity and understanding would be possible if we could just break the bonds of the ego’s lies about what it wants us to believe we are during this human existence.

Within the true self is all the wisdom and knowledge that life holds. The “me”, on the other hand, is only a twisted ego illusionary form = mutation of the true form. The seer offers or “sees / knows” life in its true form. The “me” has no significance or purpose other than for practical human purposes. It is not even “real”. Life would never make demands upon any of the beings or objects that it vibrates through. Life is only life. It is not here to help us or hurt us. The partnership between the ego and the “me” inhibits true self awareness. We instantly assume life must have a purpose for us due to the ego’s demands and conditioning factors.  We believe that there is a reason why we live and die.

Seer vs. the Ego

We do this because we lack awareness to each moment in life. The ego takes over the controls and convinces each of us to believe and react from our conditioning. We allow (willingly or unwillingly) the ego to be active and manipulate our thoughts. It convinces each person that life is good or bad or any other number of attributes that we may wish to list.  The thoughts that we constantly misinterpret and personalize are the equivalent of energy that the ego needs to survive.

It uses our conditioned thoughts combined with our emotions in any given situation to ignite more possessive thoughts, which fuel the ego. These thoughts continue and develop into a story. We call this “our” story. This story is made very personal by the ego.  It is similar to a theater performance. The ego could be considered the production director. It uses the main character, the self-made “me”, to recite all of the experiences that have happened in life up to that given point.

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