Self-Dissatisfaction: Just Let Go

Everyone is familiar with how it feels to be dissatisfied. However, could it be that the root of this phenomenon is self-dissatisfaction? Is there a difference between these conditioned states of being? We can establish that they seem to be relatively different. Nevertheless, there is ultimately no differentiation.

Yet self-dissatisfaction is a core issue that smothers like hot underground lava that is building up pressure before an eruption. This is the cause of any so called discontentment that may surface during our daily activities. This is really what it comes down to; isn’t it?

We are being consumed by a fire of self-dissatisfaction because we have lost touch with the one self that bonds all things. There is nothing magical, mystical, religious or scientific about the oneness of life. The mind has conjured up thousands of possibilities in an attempt to explain it. Nonetheless, why do we insist on defining or clarifying this precious gift?

Self-Dissatisfaction Is Self-Made

We can use an everyday situation to illustrate how unnecessary it is to question the life that we manifest and share. You receive a present for your birthday. Have you every felt the need to ask someone why they have given you a gift on this day? No, of course not, your birthday is a day to rejoice and to express gratitude.

Life is energy. It is vibrating in response to how you interact with it. Furthermore, this is beneficial to understand. This is because localized energy pulsating from objects is providing the fuel that initiates how this vibrational field will eventually manifest. Self-dissatisfaction emerges when you are not actually aware of presence. We can say, in the same way, that this happens when you are not experiencing the true self. Most of the object energy that we release into the stream of life is generated by self-dissatisfaction.

“There is no one that can walk the spiritual path for you, although people and things may accompany you, it is you that must take each step. It is a journey of self-discovery. Here we are referring to the one self that needs no clarification or name. The blossoming of conscious awareness will eventually reveal that you have always existed in this state of life energy. You have always been home.”

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