Sensitive People Please Take A Bow!

Do you consider yourself to be sensitive? Do others label you as being too sensitive? Please stand up and take a bow if you are sensitive. Existence sensitivity has become less common in our daily activities. Awareness through sensitivity to the dimension of life is possible; alas most people are geared toward existence content. Sensitivity has entered a chaotic period which can be witnessed in our daily interactions.


The senses and being sensitive are normally a nature part of our existence. It would however seem that people are losing contact with the mechanics involving our senses. The wants and demands of a content infested existence are pulling us in different directions at the same time. We are gradually becoming more desensitized to our existence and life then every before. We are becoming mentally and bodily sick. This tendency has been developing increasingly faster and faster with each new generation.

People appear to be dividing into two main groups. There are people that are sensitive; often overly sensitive. Then there are other people who have adjusted radically to the demands of our daily activities. These people have become desensitized to feeling most of what occurs in our daily experiences. This does not imply that this second group of people is not sensitive or can not feel. This simply suggests that a steadily increasing number of people are becoming victims of an individual and social conditioning that I can not really describe. I feel that we humans are becoming lost and isolated due to this desensitizing. Human beings are experiencing this without really knowing what is happening.

Let’s go back to the first group of people; those that are often appear too sensitive to themselves, others, their surroundings and the universe. There are distinguishing characteristics among these people. It should be mentioned that there are also individuals that experience mental trauma and or depression. This is many times a strictly biological disorder that sadly will escalate if a given person is overly sensitive. A person that is overly sensitive can actually cause the development of a mental disorder, including depression. Your thoughts; thus your feelings, can sicken the mind and body.

Does this mean that an overly sensitive person is automatically susceptible to problems and even sickness of mind and body? The answer is “no” absolutely not. That is my feeling concerning such a question. However many sensitive people do suffer and do become sick. This has been true since the beginning of recorded history. Must it always be this way? Again my answer is “no”. Crucial is that we continually learn to access our true essence. This is life essence. The dimension of life consciousness free of human content restrictions is endless. This is also true for the possibilities that are within this dimension of universal intelligence.

We can find serenity even in a moment of complete despair when we accept the situation from within the frequency of life. This involves us tuning into this life frequency on a moment to moment basis. It may sound like a distracting; somewhat annoying, process; but it is not that difficult. The apparent difficult arises due to the mental and conscious conditioning of our species. We have been manipulated into avoiding this life energy frequency.

Sensitive People Feeling Life

The sensitive person has the advantage of still being able to feel this vibration very strongly. The problem however for an overly sensitive person occurs in the usage of this sensation in everyday human activities. Unfortunately many people who are sensitive are still unaware of the life dimension that surrounds us. The sensations that occur in different situations, thoughts or encounters are often too much for a sensitive person to handle. This given person will often feel overwhelmed, confused and frightened. This state of panic can occur anywhere or anytime. This; needless to say, can be very troublesome for a person.

What can a person do to “cancel out” these feelings of depression and fear? This may be done through awareness to the actuality of your present “being” state of existence. You may be saying “yea right, easier said then done”. This is something that much be relearned; we have forgotten what this truly signifies. It is as simple as “being”.

What more would there be to say that could explain “being”? The sensitive person may be able to adjust to a situation much easier when he or she is conscious to the moment. There will be situation that we label “good” and “bad” in our existence. This does not imply that any situation or person decides how you should feel or react. This will always be something that you determine through your conscious awareness of where you are and what you are in that given moment.

Best of wishes to everyone

P.S. I wish everyone day. Each and every moment is the first, the last and the only that you are going to experience; what are you going to do with it?


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