Sensitivity to Life: Existing as a Sensitive Person

I wish to continue writing more about sensitive people / sensitivity to life. Do you consider yourself to be a sensitive person?


I would first like to share the definition of sensitivity from

1. the state or quality of being sensitive; sensitiveness.
2. Physiology.
1. the ability of an organism or part of an organism to react to stimuli; irritability.
2. degree of susceptibility to stimulation.
3. Electricity.
1. the ability of a radio device to react to incoming signals, expressed as the minimum input signal required to produce a specified output signal with a given noise level.
2. the input, as voltage, current, or the like, required to produce full deflection in an electric measuring device, expressed as the ratio of the response to the magnitude of the input quantity.

These three definitions are profound in expanding our understanding of life sensitivity.
Please consider the definitions from a perspective of life consciousness.
I mentioned two groups of people in the last article; those that are sensitive and those that have yielded to the mental demands of humankind = desensitized. It should be mentioned that there is probably a third group that is stuck somewhere between the other two groups. Let’s concentrate on the ups and downs of a sensitive person in a largely desensitized species existence.

I prefer to view being sensitive (being overly sensitive) as a gift. This gift has perhaps resulted from the surrounding stimuli of a given person’s experiences throughout his or her existence. The act of sensitivity may be rooted within the genetics / genes of different people. Both of these possibilities are fascinating.

We can surely accredit sensitivity to the developments of a given persons existence experiences. Certain experiences can push a persons mental capacity to a point of no return. Here I am suggesting that situations such as deprivation (whether material, emotional or both) can cause a breakdown of the mental structures that have been conditioned into our existence. This allows human consciousness to bloom and flourish in the forefront of a persons existence instead of being dominated by mental conditioning and barriers. There are many other existence factors that could stimulate the growth of sensitivity in a person. I feel that you can relate to what I am indicating through these words.

Sensitivity and You

The second consideration suggest a unity with life consciousness. Genetics is of, related to or influenced by geneses. Geneses implies “an origin”, creation or beginning. This could indicate that such people are securely grounded in the field of life energy / vibrations. Such individuals tend to feel uncomfortable in situations concerning the daily activities of humankind. However these same people feel a deep-seated sense / sensitivity relating to the vibrations of life. This is in itself something very universal, very beautiful. It does sadly cause difficulties for a sensitive person who is subjected to a world consisting mostly of desensitized forms and content.

A sensitive person may have been given the gift of sensitivity through a combination of the two considerations above. It is very important to feel the significance of life sensitivity. Life is what we are and will always be. I have experienced the ups and downs of dealing with the activities of humankind as a sensitive person. These experiences have often been very difficult, very discouraging; still I am blessed to feel what I feel. I hope that all who feel or have been told that they are sensitive will also see this as a blessing and not a curse.

I salute all sensitive people with the hope that there will soon be even more individuals that have become sensitive to the life consciousness that we share.

Best wishes


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