Separation: Why do we feel so Alone?

Evolution in terms of society and technology has contributed greatly to our separation from the source. Somehow, humankind has grown deaf to the voice of the one truth. This separation is ongoing. Over the last few thousand years, humans have almost completely separated themselves from the oneness of life. We have been taught, and through countless trials and conflicts of a personal and global nature, we believe, that there is something greater “out there” waiting for us. We have been assured that salvation is possible. However we have also been taught that this salvation comes with a price tag.


Our species has developed into a conforming unit that believes the path to salvation or enlightenment will always be difficult and involve many sacrifices.

Where and when did this misconception begin?  We can generally say that almost everything related to our conditioned state of being has been passed down from generation to generation. This process may very well start at the point of conception. It continues as the “being” in the womb develops. Then, at some point, human consciousness develops; it reacts to the influences and conditioning with which we are confronted daily. This causes a transformation from the “pure being consciousness” to the “human conditioned consciousness”.

We somehow have become conditioned to a point where it is easier to ignore or forget what we really are. This path demands that we accept that there is only this existence as a human being. Nurturing this belief has placed our species in a confusing and somewhat irritating dilemma. Unconscious thinking and believing have a tendency to invoke further separation from the source of life. This separation is only an illusion of the mind but it can be very convincing to a person that is not truly consciously aware.

To accept this human path of influences and conditioning would be to admit that we lose touch with the oneness of life at the moment of human conception.

Separation: A Perplexing Development

The humanizing process grows ever more perplexing from day one, up until the time when the body returns to its original form(s), purely biologically speaking. This refers to the “death” of a body. If it were possible for you or me to grasp the innocence that we had as a very small child; how would we observer the world?

I am sure each person’s interpretation would vary somewhat, but here are a few ideas that could be generally acceptable. There was no hate. We did not judge or criticize. There was no differentiating between good and evil. What I feel was present, even before human birth, is love.

This universal love and understanding is woven within the spirit of life.

Best wishes

P.S. The above text is an excerpt from my first book “One Moment in Life”. The book has been revised and will soon be republished. The revised book may soon be offered as a give-away. Please check in from time to time for more details. The Psychology Today link gives insight into practicing awareness.



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