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I wish to share something with you. I have been enjoying the newly established contact, interaction and friendship with everyone on Facebook, Twitter and my website. I wish to thank you for the interest in the articles that I write. I also wish to thank each person for reached out to me through sharing.

This sharing has been done in many different manners. We might say that “To share is to be one.” Sharing is the gateway to unity. Thank you for the trust, honesty and openness during a given moment of sharing. There are individuals that have reached out with questions. Other people have felt the need to express an opinion, idea or insight.

There have been sharing moments with people that feel alone, abandoned or afraid. There are individuals that are inquisitive; seeking answers for questions. The conversations with you concerning these questions have been very heartening for me. These questions are provoked by the wish and need to know. We all have a moment of contemplation from time to time. The truth is always from within. Sharing permits access to this knowledge; to this truth. The key is always in how we share and what we share. Here the emphasis is on “how we share”.


There is often fear in sharing. Why is this so? Who may really every know. Human beings have a tendency to dwell in fear. Hopefully one day it will not be so. “To share is to be one” is a possible stepping stone away from fear. We question, we love and we hate; these are all things that we share. Here we can see the importance of how we share.

Sharing with you has opened a window to my own person. I am learning more than I ever knew that I know. A requisite to sharing is the release of thoughts, emotions and an ego that is only interested in the person. The more we share, the more we will realize that it is never about the person. “It” is never about you.

I have something to share before I finish this article. I really appreciate you reaching out to me through messages, comments and emails. Equally I am thankful for an opportunity to share with you through the books that I write. Thank you for your curiosity and kindness concerning what I write as I continue to develop my writing style. I do my best to share ideas and insights that may reflect what many of you are discovering and experiencing.

I have been dealing with health issues the last few years that are becoming more severe. I wish to share this with you as an explanation. There may be periods when I am not online for a few days. I may also not respond immediately to a message or email. I wish to ask for your understanding. I wish for you to know that I am sharing with you. This is true even when you don’t see a new article from me or receive an immediate response to a message or email. The medication that the body needs has side affects that often cause problems in daily activities; such as writing. Everything is fine; my wish was simply to share with you. Thus you can share with me.

Sharing is one key to mental and conscious expansion. It offers a portal to the one “self” that is in everything. There is a teacher and a student, not only in each of us but in everything that manifests life energy. Our lesson is to become aware of both the teacher and the student; thus allowing both to reunite as one. This will eventually give us a deeper appreciation of ourselves, other people and everything beyond.


Best wishes to everyone


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