Sign Posts and Story Books

A person, thing or situation can be a helpful sign post when observed consciously. Let’s use an encounter with flower to demonstrate what this means. You have become more aware and are awakening consciously. Furthermore you are responding more and more to the innate universal intelligence that you feel. It is in you and surrounds you.

You can experience your true essence as a universal entity in this moment. However the human part of your divine state of being is still dominated by the mind. There is a need to accumulate anything and everything in the search for conscious enlightenment. Therefore you are compelled by the mind to travel down a path that contains many sign posts. This is a typical pattern for individuals who wish to obtain spirituality. This behavior is also prevalent in the mind’s pursue of anything.

This can consequently result in a person confusing a selected sign post for whatever it is that he or she wishes to find. We are referring to spirituality as an example in this article. However it is consciously beneficial to remember that spirituality is nothing more than a word. It is often used as a label that is placed on a given sign post.

This, in itself, is okay but spirituality is not something that is tangible. Furthermore it is not religion or science; although the word was originally used exclusively in religious context. A spiritual sign post can be useful when it is not added as a chapter to the individual and collective story book of our existence.

Sign Posts to Conscious Awareness

Presently we consider modern spirituality to be the conscious observation of our inner dimension and its relationship to everything. Whereas it is essential to realize that the universe is within us and we are within it. Universal consciousness is becoming more aware of itself through an objects aware observation of itself. Reach out now and consciously touch something; regardless if this is a person, thing or even a desire. What are you experiencing in that moment? Let’s use the conscious interaction with a flower to illustrate. The flower is a sign post that actually can show us the path back to oneness. You are aware of the oneness that is obvious in any object when it is observed in a state of consciousness.

Therefore you are experiencing a reflection of the ultimate self during a moment of conscious awareness. You are experiencing your true essence that manifests through other object. This is the mystery of consciousness that is you. It is beyond a word or sign post and can only truly be experienced through heightened awareness to what unites all things.

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