Sign Posts

What are sign posts? You have probably heard about sign posts. The term sign posts is used in reference to spiritual enlightenment. Eckhart Tolle has made this phase very popular through his teachings. You can relate to the significance of a sign post whether you are on a spiritual path or simply trying to find your way.


Sign posts have practical usefulness in pointing the way. The importance of any given sign post will vary according to your present state of awareness. In addition your capability to accept the sign post is equally necessary for you to continue forward. Accepting a sign post means absorbing the sign post “as is” without definition or judgment. A sign post should never be confused with whatever it may be that you are searching for. A sign post can never be what you hope to find. This has confused many people including myself. It is easy to lose yourself in an object or activity which you have “thought or believed” to be what is needed to reach something.

Enlightenment is a good example of this confusion pattern. Almost every living being feels the connection to life essence. Human beings have the most difficulty staying within this dimension due to our existence based on content. Some people will experience a shift in their awareness field at some point in their existence. This consciousness shift may be caused by a sickness or loss or any number of other human species experiences.

Sign Posts and Enlightenment

The given person will usually feel elated after this shift has occurred because this awareness shift to a more life conscious existence is empowering. The person experiencing this will find new content, symbols and explanations that at first seem to validate the new feelings that are being experienced through this consciousness shift.

This new content can come in the form of books on enlightenment, seminars and meditation. These things may have a relate purpose in your journey within yourself. However the problem is the level of dependency dealing with a given sign post and how we use it. There is nothing wrong with attending a seminar on meditation techniques designed to help you reach balance or enlightenment. What is important to remember is that you can reach enlightenment with or without the meditation.

Beyond the Sign Posts

This is a especially controversial discussion for me. I have used meditation for many years. It is always a delightful experience. However there came a time when I realized that I had become dependent on repetitious meditation rituals. I always felt good about the meditation but began to feel internal friction building up inside of me from time to time. This friction came from my dependency on needing this meditation ritual to obtain a state of balance with life. There came a point when I began to reflect on what happened to me during meditation.

I was then able to confirm my suspicions and had unknowingly established mediation as the only way to reach a level of serenity with life. I had defeated my own cause by becoming manipulated by a content structure. Additionally I used valuable life energy in devoting myself to a ritual in order to obtain something that I, you and all living beings have already. The sign posts, whether books, spiritual teachers or meditation are fine as practical pointers back to the dimension of life. But these should never be used as substitutes for something that is not lost.

This is the ability to existence in a constant state of life consciousness in every moment of your existence.

Best wishes

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